Gordon is having a blast with his sister Aja. Both dogs go on walks 4 times a day, meeting new dogs and people. Everyone thinks he’s a puppy, so he gets extra attention. We go to the soccer fields and they chase swallows, wrestle with new dog pals, hunt chipmunks at cousin Chloe’s yard near Mt. Hood and go for truck rides to hike new trails. Gordon and Aja went to Black Sheep Gathering (Eugene) in June and camped in an RV. He got to meet Aja’s momma (Baby) and watched my friends knit and spin fiber. He’s steadily gaining weight (@ 47 lbs) and getting more muscular. He can’t quite run as fast as Aja yet, but can hold his own against her in a wrestling match. I don’t think Gordon is a *real* Golden Retriever because he hates water – jumps over puddles, won’t swim, and circumnavigates lawn sprinklers. He hesitates to go outside when it rains, but loves being toweled off. It’s a soothing massage… he closes his eyes and relaxes into the fluffy towel.

He’s starting to learn his name, Gordon, but is more responsive to “BUH-deeeee”. He comes running because BUH-dee = food! Mostly he watches what Aja does and copies her. If Aja pays attention, then something good is going down and he is not one to miss out on the action!Gordon2

Gordon loves his nap time. They find their favorite napping spots around the house and snooze until it’s time to eat again!

Here he is out for a walk with “Ratty” the stuffed, tail-less toy. Something will distract
him and he’ll drop the toy. It’s Aja’s toy so she picks it up and carries it home.




Gordon was adopted on April 26, 2016.

Gordon’s Available Story:

Gordon 2654My Fellow Americans…after all… this is the political season!  Gordon (#2654) speaking (in my loud voice) to let you all know that I am so happy to become an American citizen!  I used to live in Taiwan and to make my situation worse, I was tied with a tight wire chain around my neck.  I tried to chew it off, but I couldn’t do it.  When a kind woman found me, I had deep cuts circling my neck.  She took me to a dog doctor. They stitched my skin back together and gave me medicine.  I had to rest in a crate which was no fun.. I don’t like crates!

After I was well, I was put in another crate  (did I tell you that I don’t like crates??).  When I got out of that crate I was in the USA!  The next day, I went to my foster home.  There are three friendly dogs there.  I just followed them around in and out of the house.  There is lots of good food here, but I’m not allowed to grab it off the table or counter.  My foster mom said it was not OK to jump on the table and take a bite of the baby’s birthday cake!  So now I understand “down”.Gordon 2654a

I discovered balls and squeaky dog toys.  My foster mom said I can sleep on a dog bed instead of the floor.  Sometimes I try to sleep on the human’s bed but they always say “off Gordon”. I get to eat dog food three times a day because the dog doctor says I need to gain weight. Sometimes my food is inside a big Kong and I know how to tip it over so the food spills out. I get to play outside in the front yard when my dog friends are chasing after balls.  I have to be on a long leash because one time I ran across the street to investigate all of the smells over there.  I get to go for walks with my favorite foster brother.  Sometimes we see ducks and birds but we can’t chase them.  There are so many interesting smells in the fields so I don’t bother the birds.

My foster mom says pretty soon I will get a “forever” home, whatever that is.  I hope its as much fun as this home where I have another dog to play with and dog beds and toys and food and lots of petting.Gordon 2654b

From Gordon’s Foster Mom:  Gordon is about three years old and thirty-six lbs. The vet says he should weigh 45 to 50 lbs.  He looks like a small Golden Retriever with long black fur. He is amiable and easy going. We have not observed Gordon around cats. He is very appropriate when meeting other dogs,  He holds no grudges for past mistreatment.  He is not possessive of toys or food, although he is always fed in his own spot, away from other dogs. Within five days of his arrival he was liking dog toys, learning to sleep on dog beds, and realizing that there is food readily available to him.  He is am amazing little guy who seeks affection and always stays near people.  He understands some commands and will easily learn more.  Gordon would like to live with another young, playful dog.

Sex: Male
Age: 3 years old
Weight: 36 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adopted