Hi Everyone, my name is Goldilocks (Goldie for short) #3693.

I am from Spain and got to the US in May, 2022, so my English is pretty good!

Before I tell you too much about me, I want to tell you about my hopes for a ‘furever’ home!  I would love a quiet home with one or two adults.  We could go for walks no more than 2 miles a day. I may be better once my leg is fixed. I would probably enjoy another dog, more to hang out rather than play with. I would love to have a backyard full of squirrels for me to chase! I am still very unsure of tile and hardwood floors.  If you have rugs, that is OK.

Now, about me, I am about 7 years old. I was found on the streets in Spain and was hit by a car at some point.  My front leg was broken but healed on its own OK.  My left hip was also damaged and didn’t heal so well.  I am having surgery on November 17th.  After that, I should be good to go!  I have been taking a pill for arthritis and may need to keep on that. Aren’t we all getting a little creaky!

I am still a bit fearful of loud noises, especially big trucks or motorcycles.  When I see other dogs, I stay back a bit until I am sure they are safe.  I do love my foster sister though!  I am scared of unknown places, like the vet office but am getting much better.

I love to make a shallow spot under the hedge and hang out, watching the world.  I also established my own chair in the living room!  It is the best.

From the Foster Mom: Goldie is a sweet, snuggly girl who has really come out of her shell.  She loves to have her face and ears rubbed and scratched. She happily turns over for a belly rub.

Goldie comes from Spain where they have a parasite called Leishmania. She is positive for this. There is no ‘cure’. She was treated and her blood shows the parasite is so suppressed that she is considered negative! She will need to be on flea/tick prevention forever and will need to have a periodic blood check to see if the parasite is multiplying in her.  She currently has no symptoms and is healthy and happy!

Goldie is a smaller girl, about 63 pounds.  She is moderately active and very calm.  Goldie is completely house trained and has been since I got her!  She must have been a pet at some point but who knows?

Goldie was adopted to a family in Spain but ran away.  GBR has a GPS collar on her and I am very attentive. I have had her since May and she knows she is in our ‘pack’ I am much less worried but still attentive.

This and That: Goldie does not like getting in the car but once in, she is a good traveler.  I took her to the Metolius River and she got into the water and lay down.  She doesn’t really know what to do with toys or balls but has started briefly chewing on the nyla bone and sniffing at a ‘stuffy’.  Goldie walks easily on a leash.  She will pull briefly when she spots a squirrel or bunny! She is a wonderful and very easy dog!  She will make a great companion!


All descriptions above are what we know about this dog when it was first released to GBR. Dogs are typically in foster care for three to four weeks. During that time, we will discover its true personality as witnessed by its particular foster family. The dog’s personality traits may change as it becomes accustom to its new foster home.

Sex: Female
Age: 5-8 Years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: Mid-december
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? unknown