After losing both my beloved Goldens last December, I was in a funk that was darker and deeper than any I’d been through before. I was hesitant to get another dog, no one could take their places. My depression escalated by the day. Then I dared to fill out an application from Golden Bond, thinking, oh well, what have I got to lose? The wheels for adoption can turn slowly, I was told. But serendipity intervened this time; on the same day I was approved I was told there was a girl named Ginny who was a good candidate for an FTA (foster-to-adopt).

So here we are now, with my Gypsy Girl (Ginny) who put a damper on my pain because I don’t have time to dwell on it. She bolted into my life and my heart with the exuberance of her one-year-old life; I can no longer keep up with the duty of a griever. She has saved my life as much, or more, than I have saved hers.

Ginny was adopted May 24, 2017