Dear Ginger,

You touched my heart. You were a little stand offish at first, didn’t like sharing us with Dot, even preferred to be outside, but oh, how you warmed to being loved. Once Dot passed we knew you wanted to be an only dog. So be it. With an open heart, you received all our love and care and returned it without reserve. You showed such strength when your body began to fail. Now you are at peace without pain and discomfort. Run and play dear Ginger.

Ginger crossed the Rainbow Bridge on June 10, 2017 at age 15


Adopted April 25 2011

Ginger #1377Hello from Oregon City! Here I (Ginger #1377) am with my new best friend Dylan. I’ve been here for a month now and I’ve really started to adjust. I really appreciate my foster Mom, Edrina, for taking care of me until I could find my forever family! When I first got here, I didn’t know much about rules or proper behavior. What do you mean I can’t dig out under the fence? Anyway, we all went to see Gina at “Unleash Yourself” and she really helped us all understand each other.

Dad, Mom and Dylan all spend time with me but especially Dad. He has a nifty attachment for his bike and we go for bike rides almost everyday. I’m getting lots of exercise which really helps my manners. And Dylan, well, I wake him up every morning with doggies’ kisses and a tail wag. And when he gets home from school, well, let play time begin!

Thanks Golden Bond for bringing us all together!


Ginger’s Available Story

Ginger #1377My name is Ginger (#1377). Although I am 9 I love to walk, hike, run on the beach, camp, go to the dog park and all in all I LOVE LIFE. As you can see I look much younger than my age (I think I look about 5 or 6!). My foster Mom says my tail wags from morning until I go to bed. I am a happy, happy, happy Golden Retriever! I was adopted through Golden Bond in 2006, then one of my people got sick and they couldn’t take care of me any more. I am small in stature and should weigh about 60-65 pounds. I was overfed and under-walked and weighed close to 90 when I came to my foster home. I’ve lost 4 pounds already with low calorie food and walks twice a day. I am feeling better and better! The vet gave me a clean bill of health, other than my weight.  All my joints are in great shape.  I just had my teeth cleaned and they are sparkly white!

I live with a Golden Retriever foster brother and we play. I also like to play with other dogs. I love to chase squirrels and might even chase a cat if my foster mom didn’t hold me back. I probably should not be in a family with cats!

Ginger #1377I have a beautiful red coat (as you can see) and long thick hair. Baths are OK, I especially like getting rubbed when my mom lathers me up. I like to lie around on my bed yet am always (and I mean always) up for a walk. I hope I get a dog bed in my new home. I like to ride in the car, but may need some help getting in until I slim down.

I would love to find my forever home really soon!

Foster Mom:
Ginger is a well mannered dog. She waits calmly while the food bowls are prepared (on the floor). She does not get on the furniture and loves her bed. Ginger knows a few commands: “sit”, “wait” and “out” and comes to her name. She loves squeak toys and is very playful. Ginger pulls a bit on the leash, but learns quickly that when ‘she pulls, I stop’. She has learned to wait until I go out the gate first. She will pull when she sees a cat or a squirrel. Ginger’s new family will need to commit to her weight loss, good nutrition and plenty of love. She is a wonderful golden girl!