The Blonde Beast

We received Giada from Golden Bond in mid March. She had just arrived from Beijing, China and my family and I agreed to foster her with the possibility to adopt.

It was love at first bite for us. She was weary of us and very shy at first. When she walked into our home for the first time something about her relaxed and she seemed so much less tense. She sniffed  around a bit and we took her up to her bedroom to get acquainted with her space and bed. Somehow Gigi knew she was home. Her mannerisms completely changed and she became this playful little stinker coming out of her shell. She is our baby girl and our fierce protector!

Anyone who dares to step onto our property quickly learns who rules the roost. She is a completely different pup than the one we picked up from the lovely Patsy almost 3 months ago. That’s what love can do. She is a happy carefree puppy that loves to run and play. She has her friends that she sees regularly at the park, but her best friends are Mittie, a Golden Labrador and Wilson, another Golden Retriver.

We are grateful for the amazing volunteers at Golden Bond. Their efforts are heroic. I tell everyone who inquires about Gigi where and how she came to become our little girl. I really can’t say enough about Golden Bond, I honor this organization every chance I get.



Giadi/Gigi was adopted on March 23, 2017