Hi! My name is Gabe (#2804).   I recently flew in from China and am looking for my forever home.   I am a very handsome Yellow Lab, just a tad bit underweight but I love to eat so I’ll be gaining in no time.  They say I am about 3 years old, my fosters say I’m a very young 3.   I act quite puppyish still, but only in a good way.  I have a lot of energy and I am so curious about everything, and I do mean everything.   It’s all so new to me and it’s so exciting.

My most favorite thing ever is a ball, any ball, I love balls.   I love to play catch in the yard, however my play mate needs to have 2 balls because I won’t drop the first one unless another one is already in the air.   I’m working on that and I know ‘drop it’ is mandatory but it’s a lot more fun to just be running in a constant circle chasing a ball.   Once I’m tired out I will gladly take my ball and lay down.   I am quite content to play all by myself too, I will push it around, chew on it and just carry it with me at all times.

I also love to play with my foster siblings.  I will tell you, I can play pretty rough but I am getting a lot better.  At first my foster sister didn’t like to play with me and she would tell me how it was. (She’s really good at that. HA!)   I was very respectful and took a quick time out, then she would come lick my nose as if to say “let’s try again” and now I’m doing so much better.  I can be a little bit mouthy when I get treats too but I’m also working on that because I love treats and want to be a good boy.

I’m very smart and I am a people pleaser.  I want to do what you ask me too, I just need you to take some time to teach me.  I promise I do my best and learn fast. (Especially if it means a treat or extra pets).   I don’t think I have anything bad to warn you about….I could possibly be counter surfer if left on my own, I did put my paws on the kitchen counter my first day….but I was told that was unacceptable so now I lay on the floor at the edge of the kitchen floor instead.

I’ve only had one accident in the house and I think it was because this thing they call a vacuum just scared it right out me.   I love my kennel, I sleep there at night time quietly.   I also am happy to go there when my humans leave for a few hours in the day.  They say it’s for my own safety and I’m good with that.  I want to be safe.  It does appear I’m startled easily.  As I said, that vacuum scares me….I’m also not a fan of the weed eater or lawn mower.  Even my foster mom’s hair dryer makes me want to leave the room quickly.   If my kennel is open I will run right in there and lay down until all the noise stops.   I am sure with time and getting used to all these things I will overcome some of those fears.

Overall I’m a super happy boy, I will follow you everywhere you go and I’m learning how nice it is to have someone to pet me, and love on me.   My foster mom says I’m going to be great addition to some lucky family, could that be you?

From the foster mom:   Gabe is truly the sweetest little boy.   He’s very eager to please and taking everything in fast as he can.   He’s learned the basic commands though he is still learning but wants to please. We kind of feel like he might have spent some time on the street because he’s very reactive to noises.  If he’s sleeping and there’s noise of any kind he’s not used too he will literally jump to his feet from a dead sleep.   He is getting much better as he learns what noises are normal, and often now he will just raise head and then lay back down.   He does okay on leash walks but he’s very curious about smells and can get nervous about those sounds.  If he gets scared he will back right out of a collar so I highly suggest he has a harshness when he’s out of his confined area.  He will very quickly make a great walking/jogging partner though….he loves walks and has plenty of energy but he will also calm down nicely and just be happy to lay in the family room and sleep with his people close by.  Whomever adopts this sweet boy will not be sorry, he’s a wonderful dog.

Adoption fee:  $650 plus $35 microchip fee

Sex: Male
Age: Approximately 3 years
Weight: 51 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: Adopted