Hello, I am Gabby (#3460).  I arrived in the U.S. on March 26, 2021.  Since my arrival, I have been staying with my foster family in Northern California.  I have a foster brother cat and a foster sister cat who I really like, but they’re not too sure of me.  I also have a foster brother Golden Retriever who has become my best friend.  We like to play outside together in our big yard.  But the truth is, I like to spend a lot of time inside with my foster family, too.  When I am done playing outside, I will come up to the door and let my foster family know it’s time for me to come inside and visit with them.  Once I am inside, I like to walk around a bit before taking a rest by laying on the floor in the living room.  I really like to lay there while my foster family watches T.V.

When I first arrived, I was not sure what to think of people.  I am a happy dog that really likes people, but I had wasn’t sure I could trust them.  So, I tend to shy away, all the while wagging my tail and smiling.  But since I have been here, I have really grown.  I decided that the people I have met here in the States have been really nice and that I enjoy their attention.  In the last month I have decided that I like to be pet and occasionally will try and sneak up on the couch to say hi.  But don’t get me wrong, I am still cautious.  I decided recently that I really like my foster family’s friend and their 11-year old son.  I like to follow him around and hang out with him while he plays with his toys.

Speaking of toys, I really like to carry a ball around.  I will chase it, but I don’t really like to bring it back to you.  When I am not carrying around my ball, I have a stuffed animal that keeps me company.  (Don’t tell anyone, but my foster family’s socks are my favorite toy.)

I have had two little accidents inside.  I am still learning how to let my foster family know it’s time for me to go outside to potty.

At night I sleep in my crate.  Truthfully, I wasn’t a big fan at first.  But I have really come to enjoy it.  It is like my own little home where I can go when I want my alone time.  I often put myself to bed in my crate before my foster family goes to bed.  And I know when my foster family taps on the crate it is time for me to go inside.

When I first arrived, I had a really bad ear infection, but that has resolved and I have a clean bill of health (except the vet told me I need a little help from Weight Watchers.  My foster family has cut back on my gourmet homemade dog food so I am not eating as much as I did when I got here).  You see, the problem is I really like food.  When I was in China I didn’t eat very well.  When I see food here in the States I often wonder when I will eat again, so I swallow before I chew.  I am working on learning how to slow down when I eat but it has been a struggle.

Overall, I have a lot of energy.  I like walks but this leash thing is new to me so I will probably zig-zag around you until I get the hang of it.

I am probably good for a family that has the time to work me on some training (e.g. walking on a leash, slowing my eating, letting you know when I need to go outside).  I know I will need a family that has time to help me learn how to fully trust them and who like to spend time outside.  I am a really happy dog and even happier now that I am safe here in the U.S.

Gabby was adopted on July 2, 2021

Sex: Female
Age: 0-2 Years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? yes
Good with Kids? yes