Piper came to us after a couple months with her foster family and sister Gracie. She immediately took to Bisous, our 2 year-old, totally spoiled, and until now, only puppy, who went through a couple stages with her. She followed him around like the mostly blind puppy she is, and he thought it was fun until she started stealing some of his attention! He started pouting and trying to intervene until Piper grew a sassy little backbone and started pushing back. They found happy balance together, and Piper went from a nervous China pup to a brave snugglebear and part of our golden duo.

They’re inseparable now. When he trots out in the rain (which she hates) she’ll follow along (for at least a little) and when she jumps up on the bed for the night, he jumps up and joins her– he never slept on the bed before. She’s been experiencing new things, like the terrifying Mudbay where Dave has treats so it’s not so bad, and her first venture into an off-leash dog park where she made SO many friends!!! We are thrilled to have her be part of our little family and lucked out with what a wonderful, brave pup she is.

Hi! My name is Freya (#2799).  I am a 3-year old petite girl from China.  Everyone is always telling me how cute I am. Unfortunately, I cannot communicate what type of trauma I went through before I got to America. I know that I was pretty sick when I arrived and it took me a couple of months to get healthy. I love to eat and have gained weight and muscles.  After food, I love dogs! I am awesome with my foster dog sister.  We love to wrestle and play with each other and I love to be outside where I am queen of the zoomies.

I am proud to say that I have learned a lot of life skills in the last couple of months such as wagging my tail, smiling, doing my own version of the happy dance, going down all kinds of stairs, riding in the car (who knew that the barista, pharmacy tech and Park Ranger all give dog treats) going for walks, sitting politely for treats which I savor and nibble and coming when called (sometimes). I have learned that I don’t mind having my nails trimmed or mind being brushed but having a bath is another story (my foster sister does not like baths, either).

My extremely calm foster sister has been showing me the ropes – she has taught me that waves crashing on the beach, garbage cans, storms drains, balloons, ice makers and other inanimate objects don’t actually eat little dogs.  With her help, I am able to walk by these types of things (most of time) without cowering or dropping to the ground.  I have not met any cats and have not been around too many children – they kind of scare me.

I am looking for a home with a young canine playmate and a huge yard for running and chasing. I will need calm humans that are patient and who understand that I will need some time to settle in and feel at home.

From her foster mom: Freya is a cute little bear dog who crosses her paws when she play bows.  “Hi Ho Silver” is one of her favorite moves.  Galloping Gertie sounds like a herd of Buffalo when she runs up the stairs.  She has a very deep talking voice when dinner or a treat is slow in arriving. It is amazing that such a deep sound comes out of such a petite dog – we can’t help but laugh.

Freya needs to have an active playmate who is close in age, who loves to play chase and with who she can hang out with. As of now, she would rather be with her foster sister than with the humans.  She has not met a dog that she has not liked. She plays well, is not toy aggressive and has no food guarding tendencies. She does not beg, bark or run the fence.

Freya has some congenital vision issues that will need to be monitored but they don’t slow her down too much.  Freya can be stubborn and does not always like to come when she is called.

Freya is doing well being left at home for part of the day as her foster sister is present.  Our Little Houdini does not like the crate as it causes her a great deal of anxiety.  As a result, we have discovered that she is a good office dog. Unlike her foster sister, she curls up under the desk and does not insist on knocking my hands off of the keyboard.

We don’t know about her past life – sometimes she still cowers if we move too fast and she is not expecting it and unusual noises can upset her such as the raising and lowering of blinds and the use of the salt shaker. However, each day Freya is more comfortable in her skin and is less skittish. She has a spunky personality which will continue to develop as long as her forever family is patient and offers her love.

Freya was adopted on August 5, 2017

Sex: Female
Age: 3 years old
Weight: About 45 pounds
Attributes: Dogs; Yes: Cats: Unknown; Kids: Calm older teens
Availability: Now