It has been just a bit over a year since we were able to get goldens out of China. Last year at the end of March, we were able to raise enough money to transport 12 (O.N.E. goldens) goldens from Beijing to Toronto. Last year, the CDC required these dogs to remain in Canada for six months. Now those rules have been modified and the dogs can fly directly from China to the USA; however, not easily.

Unlike last year, the dogs are now required to have a rabies titer test 45 days prior to the flight. When traveling as cargo (3 dogs or more), the CDC requires them to fly into one of four approved cities – LAX, JFK, MIA or ATL. They are collected from the airplane by a CDC approved kennel, moved to a warehouse and inspected by a CDC approved veterinarian. If all paperwork is correct and the dogs pass their health inspections, the vet will revaccinate the dogs for rabies (charging a whopping $350 per dog fee!)

In early to mid-May, GBR, in partnership with No Dogs Left Behind, will be bringing in 15 slaughterhouse survivors. Thanks to NDLB’s China activists, these are dogs that were rescued from a meat truck before reaching the slaughterhouse. The dogs have been housed at one of NDLB’s sanctuaries in China while waiting for their turn to fly to the USA in order to find a forever home and begin living the life a golden was meant to live – one without terror and cruelty.

In the past, we have flown our China rescue dogs into LAX; however, since those cargo flights are difficult to obtain, we went with flying them to JFK. Once they clear Customs and released by the CDC, they will be given time to “decompress” before flying on Alaska Airlines to Seattle. In Seattle, GBR volunteers will meet them and help them get to their foster homes. When they’ve had time to settle into their new American life, each dog will be examined by a veterinarian, given dhpp boosters (if needed) and start a series of vaccinations for Bordetella, Leptospirosis and canine flu. We’ll also do an extensive blood test to ensure all “innards” are working correctly.

We are asking you, our supporters/followers, to help us help these 15 goldens by sponsoring them at whatever level you can. Each dog has its own page in our Store. In the Store, you can choose the dog(s) you wish to sponsor and at what level. e.g. full sponsorship, flight from China to JFK, bloodwork, vaccination boosters, etc. Each dog’s Store page has more information about the dog. You can go to our Store and view the dogs there or, you can click on any one of the pictures below.

If you choose to help a particular dog(s), we will send you updates as they make their way from China to JFK to Seattle to their forever/foster homes.

Please take a few minutes to watch a brief video of this project: FREEDOM FLIGHT: 15 LIVES

Thank you so much in advance for your help.

All of the Freedom Flight 15 have now been Fully Sponsored!!! All of you have been incredibly generous and because of your generosity they will make the loooong flight to Seattle then live with their forever families. THANK YOU A ZILLION TIMES OVER!!!!!!

If you want to view all the Freedom Flight 15, please go to our  STORE.


Ashley #3883



Logan #3893

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