Hi, my name is Hank (formerly Foster).  I was neglected and abandoned in my old life, so I lost a lot of weight and wasn’t very healthy. I get really nervous when my folks leave, because I’m not sure when or if they are coming back, but I am learning to trust them.  I also have a serious heart disease, so I have to take medication every day and be really careful not to get overly exerted or overheated.  My new family knew ahead of time about my health issues, but they took me in anyway.  I’m almost at my ideal weight again, thanks to the yummy, healthy food I get to eat!

It’s really hard to control myself because I’m still quite puppy-like (I’m two years old) and I tend to hear the word “No” a whole bunch, but it’s fun to see just how far I can push my mom and dad!!  We have a saying around my new home in my honor, “You’ve been Hanked!”  It usually follows something I’ve done, like jumping in the middle of the bed after being in the pool, or taking something that doesn’t belong to me, or slobbering on my mom’s work pants right before she leaves for work!

 I have a new big sister, Gidget, and I love her so much!!  She plays with me and lets me chew on her legs and pull her around by her collar and never gets mad at me!!  I also have a cat brother, Casper, who just kinda puts up with my antics.





I love the water and my parents got me a great pool to play in and they let me chew on the hose when it’s filling up!  I’m really happy with my new family and I’m pretty sure they are happy with me, because they tell me every day how much they love me!