Woof! My name is Fernando (#2913) and I’m a fun-loving, lively Golden-mix dog from Harbin, China, where I was destined for someone’s soup pot.  I’m MUCH happier here, and my ribs don’t poke out anymore. I’ve gone from 35 pounds to 42 pounds, and I have lots of new activities and friends.

Last week my foster family treated me to 4 days at their cabin in the snow. Wow – so much fun to run, romp, crawl through, and eat snow!  It’s great.

I pretty much enjoy everything: love walks, runs, fetch, pets and naps. I’m very interested in swimming but the water is a tad cool for now, so I’m waiting, even though my foster brother (lab mix) charges in without me.  The beach was awesome, but I admit being startled when the water chased me and I had to back up really fast!

I love my foster brother, Jett, who plays with me all the time. I even curl up with him when it gets cold at night.  I like other dogs and am willing to be patient around the growly ones, who usually decide it’s safe to play with me.  I like all the kids I’ve met so far but wouldn’t do well in a home with cats because they are so fun to chase.

My health is excellent, and I’m pretty smart. I’ve already learned “sit”, “come”, “wait”, “stay”, “down”, and “downward dog”, although I don’t remember exactly how to do them every time.  I walk on a leash but do tend to get super-excited when there’s a great smell or a moving animal, then I pull on the leash until my foster mom reminds me to stop.  If she has a treat for me, I am VERY cooperative.  The doggie door works great for me, and I’ve never had an accident in this house.

My ideal forever home would be active and lively. I am athletic and would be a good candidate for agility training, a running or hiking companion, and fun play with other dogs or kids.  I’ve been practicing agility on my own and can sail right over the 3-foot barrier to the living room, if Mom’s in there and I have something important to tell her, like when it’s time to pet me.

Here are some comments from a nice Golden Bond lady who took care of me when my mom was visiting friends: ‘Nando is just one very special and cool little guy. He would LOVE to be in a home with another dog who wants to play–or can have lots of playdates or lots of dog park time or with someone who will give him lots and lots of exercise.   His fur is soooooooo soft–he doesn’t chew up things, loves toys, doesn’t counter crawl. He does try to jump up, but not to push you over…just to say Hi…and is easily discouraged from that…he is a total lover, eats his food very nicely and takes treats very nicely…barks only for a real reason….  an all around great dog.

Fernando was adopted on January 12, 2018

Sex: Male
Age: 18 months
Weight: 42 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: No; Kids:: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED