EV (GBR Evie) is the sweetest dog.  Since joining our family in December 2020, she has settled in nicely. She loves human attention and only wants pets. We call her a “pet begger” because she will sit and nudge your hands (or jump on your chest) until she gets the attention she is looking for.

The circus dog in EV comes out at mealtimes–she has done as many as 15 spin jumps while waiting for her food. She recently decided she needs to watch for strangers while we eat our dinner, too, which sometimes leads to barking and racing between the front door and the back door if she thinks someone is coming into the yard while we eat (we are working on redirecting her energies while we are at the table).

Meeting other dogs and humans makes EV very happy… as long as the humans want to pet her! She will playfully chase other dogs when she has the chance. She isn’t interested in a ball (yet), but she did bring home a stick from the beach a few weeks ago and is slowly tearing into bits in the backyard, and will chase it when it is thrown. She also loves her rope and stuffed toys, but playing with them usually quickly turns into just zooming around and around and around the couch and living room.

EV makes us laugh every day, and has shown us more love than we thought possible. She is the best snuggler!

We are grateful to everyone at GBR and her foster family for taking such good care of her. Thanks for making a difference in her life and in ours!





Hi I’m Evie (#3410)! I currently live with a foster family that has 2 girls and my foster brother, Bowie, a 2-year old Golden Retriever. I love human attention and always want to be wherever my family is. I have found most of the registers in the house now that it is cold outside and I like to curl up next to them or curl up on my brother’s big puffy dog beds. Sometimes we even snuggle up together on the dog beds, my foster humans say how cute that is!

I walk very well on a leash, and enjoy going on 3 short walks a day. Sometimes my foster mom takes me for runs and I really enjoy running, I would love to find a running partner. My family has been teaching me some tricks like sit, and stay (that one is hard), and down. I love treats so I’m happy to try anything for a treat. I pretty much have potty training down, but may need a little training with a new home and a new routine.
My family thinks it’s so funny how excited I get when I’m getting breakfast and dinner. I just can’t contain myself so I have to dance on my hind legs. They say I look like a circus dog. Now my mom makes me sit while I wait…but it’s just so exciting.

Note from Evie’s Foster family: Evie is the sweetest girl, she loves humans and anyone she has met comments on how sweet she is (even the vet). She is protective of the house and will bark at anyone when they are at the door, until she can meet them. She has been around younger kids and has been great with them. She loves to play with Bowie – lots of chase around the table or the backyard (she is the chaser). She is very curious to meet other dogs that are her size, and sometimes will be a little growly with big dogs as she likes to be the boss. She is not a runner and comes when she is called. She sleeps in her crate at night, and is crated when we leave the house. She sits patiently when we eat meals off to the side and doesn’t beg. She is not a counter surfer or pantry snoop like some of the dogs we have had before. She will do well in a home with structure, and has slowly warmed up to now slowly thinking she may want to sit on our lap (while awkwardly), but she loves to snuggle. She is not allowed on furniture in our house, and she has never even tried. Her favorite place is a cozy dog bed. She is learning how to play tug of war, but I think living with people is a newer experience for her so she is learning how to play with toys.


Evie was adopted on December 21, 2020


Sex: Female
Age: 2-5 Years
Weight: 20-45 Pounds
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? unknown
Good with Cats? no
Good with Kids? yes