My name is Eric (#3348), I am three years old and standing at 73 pounds. I traveled a long way from South Korea arriving on July 16th. I get along well with other dogs and like to rough house sometimes. I have gotten used to my resident cat and most times am much more interested in my foster parents, but might think it’s playtime if the cat runs away from me. I haven’t met that many children, but the ones I did, I got along with well and I was very gentle. I don’t get aggressive towards others, even when it’s dinner time or when I’m playing with a toy.

What I desire and need most is simply spending time with my adoptive family, I will follow you around and love being by your side. When my foster parents leave the house, I need assistance to go in my crate but calm down once they have left. (I have never had an accident in my crate.) I know to go potty outside but keep your eyes peeled; if I am pacing around, it’s that time again 🙂

I like to chew on things around the house that I think are toys, particularly if I am bored. I lick my front paws too much sometimes but stop when I’m told (bitter spray is gross to me and curbs the habit for a while). I’m also learning other commands and do well with “sit”, “lay down”, “off” and “wait” when being given food.

I really like my Kong toy and any other durable toys are best. I run after toys when thrown and will bring them back, but like to stop just shy of you and lay down. I enjoy being chased when I have my toy or chasing you if my toy’s gone, but look out as I will sometimes try and play-bite your feet. I am content with lounging around the house with you but daily exercise will help me to rest easier in my crate when it’s bedtime. Daily exercise will also help me lose some weight since I should weigh about 65 pounds.

I like to go on walks around the neighborhood and do well on a leash, usually keeping the leash taught without pulling much at all. I am curious about other people and dogs when they’re nearby, but if they’re across the street I tend to keep strolling down the sidewalk. A harness is best for me because until we get started on our walk, I like to carry my leash and sometimes play tug-o-war with it. The first thing I did when I got to my foster home was roll around in the grass which I LOVE to do, so I might do that in the neighbor’s yards as well.






Eric was adopted on August 26, 2021.

Sex: Male
Age: 2-5 Years
Weight: 65-100 Pounds
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? yes
Good with Kids? yes