Emma came to live with us in February of 2010. We read about her on the Golden Bond Rescue site and decided she needed to become a part of our family.  We drove from St Helens to outside of Eugene to meet her and after an hour or so we all agreed that she was for us.  Our other Golden, Chester, was with us and they rode in the back of our Jeep together all the way home and were great buddies until he died in late 2011.

Emma had been taken to her vet who was told to put her down because she had an ear infection; thankfully Golden Bond agreed to take her in which gave us a chance to bring her home with us.  She was a character from the get go, loved people but especially kids, if she heard or saw children on our walks she had to go say hi and all the kids in the neighborhood became her friends. My guess is that she grew up with kids in her first house and missed them.

She did have some allergy problems and an occasional ear infection but it was all good and we dealt with them.  Her favorite thing was to sit with her head in your lap and be petted, but she loved walks, rides in the car and just being near us.  She was the only Golden that we have known that did not like the water, lake, stream or ocean not for her, though she would sit by a fire on the sand all day long with us.  She would really work over her stuffed squeaky toys and tear them all the time, then she would sit staring at my wife while she sewed them up and do it again.

She made it to December of 2017 before she became too sick and weak to go on and we had to put her down finally, but we were able to enjoy her for 8 wonderful years and we look forward to finding another Golden to become the next member of our family soon.  I am so grateful to Golden Bond for what they do- it would have been a horrible waste if they had not stepped in when they did, she deserved to have a wonderful life and we think she did, we know she made our lives better.