Hi, I’m Ellie (#3273)!

I was born in Hillsboro, OR and lived with the same family (they had teenagers!) for all of my life. That’s a long time because I’m one year old! I also grew up with my fur mom and some other dogs like me and some smaller dogs. Boy, do I know how to get along with dogs.

My birth family never really took me anywhere. No walks. No car rides except to the vet one time. I’d meet their friends but never went anywhere new.

So, I’m pretty excited! The whole world is a new place for me! When I go for walks with my foster mom and her dogs, I like to wander around as much as I can to smell and look and try to figure out what this world is all about. Sometimes I even want to taste all of this newness!

Of course, most people are a new phenomenon. I’m a bit shy just at first. I’ve met a nine-year-old girl and adults of a variety of ages. I’m okay with men and women and that playful girl.

I’ve been to the vet a couple of times already since leaving my birth home. I needed shots and, boy, did I need to get spayed. Then I showed my foster mom how itchy I was. I licked and scratched and chewed on myself. She got some special shampoo and I had a bath at the dog wash. That was scary at first, but I was a really good girl and found that I liked the warm water and all of the attention. We’re going again. In fact, we’re going to go twice a week until my condition clears up.

Guess what? I love music. If there is a music program on TV, I will happily watch it with you! If you feel like singing, I will be your best-ever audience. I’m pretty quiet unless something outside startles me. I will bark about it, but I quiet down if you tell me to.

I’m a really sweet girl and I love attention but sometimes I make mom laugh by looking fierce. Somehow my top lip gets stuck on my teeth and I look a bit scary. Who ever heard of a scary Golden?   I scare my foster mom in another way, too. I don’t go potty very often. When we go outside to toilet, I either get distracted or I’m embarrassed to “go” in front of others. I’m house-broken so generally I just hold it and hold it.

When I first came here, foster mom had to really work to get me to eat. She soaked my food. She put canned food on my food. I’d take a few bites, maybe eat some of the canned food and then walk away. She FINALLY figured out that I didn’t like Potato and Duck food. Now she gives me dry Chicken and Rice kibble and I munch my way through it. I’m not greedy. I chew and swallow, chew and swallow. Did you know that Goldens actually NEED grains in their food? Maybe that’s why I didn’t like the Potato and Duck – it was grain-free.

I hope to find my forever home soon. I really want to live with at least one other playful dog. I want to live with you, too. I’m a good girl. I love to give kisses. I can be happy just hanging out as long as I have some play time. Next time you sing, think of me.

Ellie was adopted on October 24, 2019

Sex: Female
Age: One year
Weight: 60 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: Now