In the six weeks or so since Mr. Eli came to live with Thurston and I, it has been love at first sight! I cannot fathom how anyone could conceive of doing violence to such a sweet dog.

He is bright and eager to learn. He is so devoted and wants to please, which is good as he will need to work on his manners. He and his big brother Thurston get along very well with the exceptions of feeding time and who gets to sleep where in the “Big Dog’s” bed. It is so cute to see the two of them cuddle. Eli has improved his walking on a leash skills (putting him into a harness has done wonders). He learns from Thurston on what are appropriate behaviors. One thing he is picking up is to ring the bells on the patio door when he wants to go outside.

As mentioned earlier, he does have issues to work on like not bolting out the front door when the storm door doesn’t latch properly and then not coming when called thinking my chasing him is a big game (it scares the daylights out of me). Getting him to go out into the yard when raining is a major effort.

All in all, Eli has improved my life, he does something funny every day and loves knowing every stop that could involve dog biscuits – loudly reminds them that he is in the Jeep and wants a cookie! He has done so much to improve his, soon to be thirteen year old brother, Thurston’s life and well-being. We love our walks together to the park and around the neighborhood. He is such a sweet boy and so glad that he has joined ‘our pack!’

Eli was adopted on February 12, 2017.



Eli’s Available Story:

It’s about time you all meet the best boy ever – Me – Eli (#2743). I have been a U.S. Citizen for a little over a month and am now ready to start looking for my forever home.

Let’s start with from where I originally came: Changchun, China. Like many of the goldens who have arrived from China, I, too, was rescued from the dog meat trade. Those of us goldens who came from Changchun were not only rescued from the dog meat trade but we were actually rescued from a slaughterhouse. I was in terrible condition – starving, parasites, dirty coat with lots of mats and horrible ear infections.

I spent a few weeks in a vet clinic in Changchun then moved to a rescue facility in Beijing and finally on October 25th, I made the long flight to the US and my foster family. I’ve been in foster care much longer than the average foster because of my severe ear infections. After many ear flushes, antibiotics, and ear drops, my foster mom and dad hope it’s under control. You should understand that I will probably always have flare ups and you’ll need to be diligent when it comes to keeping them clean and dry. Since I’ve had lots of past ear infections, my ears flaps and ear canal are thick but I can still hear! Other than my ears, I have no other health issues.

I get along with other dogs (big and small) and people (big and small).  I don’t know about cats. I’ve seen them at the vet office but haven’t been close enough to investigate. I love to run and play and go for walks. You’ll need to help me with pulling on the leash or at least use a front clip harness. I love to ride in the car and would be a great traveling companion.

I love to follow my foster family wherever they go in the house, so you could call me a velcro dog. If I’m lucky enough, perhaps I’ll find a family who would let me sleep on the bed with them!

I also love to eat and will overeat if I could get to the bag of food. My foster family makes sure that I eat in another room so I don’t steal the resident dogs’ food. I can’t help it – I love to eat!

I don’t bark a lot but when I do I have a deep voice that sounds almost like a hound’s bark.

If you think I’m the boy for you, let your adopt family know.

Note from Foster Family: Eli has truly been a joy to have as a foster. He has a big heart and tons of love to give a family. He learned how to sit in just a few tries and would relish taking an obedience class with you. He was shaved when he first came to us but his coat is beginning to grow in and when it finally does, he’s going to be more handsome than he is now.

Sex: Male
Age: About 2 years
Weight: 57 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Yes
Availability: Adopted