Hello there! I’m Eddie (#3431) and I was asked to update my bio because I’ve graduated to an even higher level of “good dog” ♥️. I am a 3-year old male yellow lab mixed with something HUGE (my foster mom thinks mastiff but who knows).  I used to live on the streets of Korea and I got really sick and nearly died until Golden Bond rescued me and saved my life.

My foster family thinks I used to have a nice home before the streets because under all the layers of my street toughness is who I really am – a sweet snuggly dog that loves to hug and be close to people, of course!  (I’ve been telling them this all along but just didn’t know how to hide my excitement.)

With training, I have learned quickly what it means to be part of a family life. I am potty-trained, I sleep well either in a crate or on the office couch that has become my bed. When I am in my crate, I don’t complain but I am not used to long hours (more than 6) in there except at night. I also get along with cats and other dogs well. I am just happy to be part of a home and I can’t wait to find one that will be mine forever.

I still have some silly things I do that are from my old life. Like I am food OBSESSED, which helps in my training but it also means I can find things maybe I shouldn’t. I’ve been good at home regarding this now for a few weeks so I am learning. But who doesn’t love a plastic bag filled with bread or cookies?! 😂♥️

Lastly, I am rambunctious and still jump sometimes when I get the zoomies and meet new exciting people. I am getting much better about this but I LOVE meeting new people and will need further training.

From my foster family: Eddie is one of the most incredible foster pups we have had the pleasure of having – and we have been fostering for 8 years through a couple different rescues. He is so sweet and we plan to make sure he gets the right home. He deserves this much. Any family that adopts him will be blessed with years of snuggles, loyalty, protection, warmth, friendship, and laughter. If there is one takeaway from this write-up, it should be that Eddie is extremely special and deserves the world, and a loving forever home is the least of what he deserves.

Other info:

Update: Kids 10+ due to jumping up and old habits of food/toy guarding (although resolved in current foster home). He has one spot on his neck that if gently pulled/touched while eating he stops eating and tenses but no growling. Maybe he was yanked/hit here when on the streets or with previous families?  He does not do this behavior when snuggling/playing or any other time, only while eating.

He still will need a professional to clip nails but this may improve over time. (We are not going to try this again as he was growly the first time.)  Every time we’ve tried since, just touching his nails with the clippers, he gets nervous and licks and pulls away.  We are more scared than he is and don’t want to chance it.




Sex: Male
Age: 5-8 Years
Weight: 65-100 Pounds
Availability: Adopted
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? yes
Good with Kids? no