China started her new life as soon as she was picked up from the airport and came to us as a “Foster to Adopt” December 1st.  We had been thinking about another dog for Charlie, who we have had for a year now and China and Charlie hit it off from the start.  Christmas is not the optimum time to bring a new dog into any household, but she adapted very well to different sets of friends and neighbours visiting, and she and Charlie looked on with curiosity as the tree was put up, a first for both of them.

She’s fine being left at home with Charlie, she doesn’t chew, she doesn’t bark, she doesn’t have separation anxiety.  She loves going for walks and gets excited, running up and down the hall when the leashes come out, and she really loves going for rides in the car.  She’s a perfect fit for our pack and for Charlie.  She’s the darling of the dog park, loves chasing the ball and galloping after it with the pack, but hasn’t quite got the “retrieving” part yet. 

We recently took them both to Tofino on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.  She loved the beach and running on the sand, splashing through the beach puddles, and racing in circles as fast as she could.  She’s friendly with other dogs, loves people and is a real cuddler.  Charlie looks out for her, and whenever any dog approaches too fast at the dog park, even though it doesn’t bother her at all, he comes rushing over to let them know he’ll be watching, and not to get too rough, or they’ll have to answer to him.  This is so funny, as it took Charlie quite a little while to even want to go into the dog park at first, but he’s grown so much in confidence that now he sees himself as China’s big brother and protector.

So China is now officially our girl, and acts as if she’s always been with us.  She greets people politely without any jumping, she takes turns with treats, waits for her bowl of food to be put down in her own spot, and loves being talked to and petted.  She’s affectionate, happy with a typical Golden personality.  Thank you so much Golden Bond for “Taiwan Charlie” and “Shanghai China”.