Duncan has been in his forever home for about 7 weeks now and he has grown so much even in that short amount of time. The first few days were him getting used to his new surroundings and realizing he was finally safe. After those first few days he started to settle in nicely to our routine. Duncan has quickly learned how to walk on a leash and sit at each corner before crossing, and loves his four walks a day where he likes to stalk the squirrels and birds.

He has a powerful sniffer, and when he gets on a scent he goes where his nose tells him! Luckily he is highly food-motivated (= foam/drool machine) so we’re able to reign him back in with treats! Speaking of food-motivated, we have learned not to keep much produce on our counters. There was an incident with a pear, he ate the whole thing when I was in another room and was so proud of himself, whoops!!

Duncan loves his people, so he will follow us around throughout the day, and you can always find him on the couch with us in the evenings and on weekends enjoying TV time trying to always give his paw to us to hold.

Duncan also loves car rides! He had a big car ride the first day we got him since we traveled back to Spokane, WA from Portland, OR with him. He just sits and stares out the windows at the other cars going by, switching sides to get different views in the back seat. He enjoys rolling around in our bed (bed swimmies), the couch (couch swimmies), and he also rolled in the grass (grass swimmies) for the first time last weekend!

Overall, he is such a sweet boy and we are so happy that we were able to rescue him.






I am Duncan (#3439), and I know my name!  I arrived in the USA in the last few days of December 2020.…Whew!  That was a year wasn’t it?  It took me a few tries to find the right place to stay where I could unwind, learn the language and clear up a few itchy skin issues.

I’m staying now out in the country where I can run and hunt for varmints, I love to follow my nose and hunt for varmints!  I have two canine housemates, one is an annoying puppy and one is a wise ole owl type who new better than to crowd my space in the beginning, because I was nervous and needed some time to settle in before I could size up the local canine crew.  Now it’s all good!   We all laze around the house together and the puppy and I run the trails together.  My foster mom gives me my own private room to eat and my own private crate to sleep so I feel safe and I don’t have to growl at intruders.

I am a very good dog.  I try very hard to understand what the humans are asking, or telling me, and when I don’t get it, I know how to put my head in your lap and ask for a little more time, I can get a little emotional at these times, you might hear me whimper a bit, but it’s ok, all I need is a few minutes to reset then I’m good to go!

I could use a little more work on my leash skills, I’m spoiled here, the property is fenced and we don’t use leashes much, so I will need a little help with this part, cause I really like to follow my nose when I go outside.

My foster mom suggests that my new owners understand my love for food and how tempting food on the counters can be, she’s right, don’t leave it there, I will find it and eat it, ‘cause I love, love, love, to eat!  Speaking of eating, I’m on a special diet for now to keep my skin from itching, my foster mom can tell you all about that.

I mostly understand that we dogs need to pee OUTSIDE!  I only messed up one time, I think my foster mom just wasn’t paying attention…she won’t make that mistake again.

Duncan was adopted on February 23, 2021


Sex: Male
Age: 2-5 Years
Weight: 65-100 Pounds
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? unknown