Hi! I’m Duke (#3406).

I am the most excited boy in the world. I’m very athletic! I love to walk, run, jump, play, sniff and anything else that involves being active and outside. My foster mom always says I’m “springy.” I look forward to my morning walks and sometimes I even get to go on a run with my foster mom! I’m pretty good on the leash, but the first time I’m in a new area I like to mark all of the things as I go.

I’m 100% potty trained. I like being outside, but mostly if you are out there with me! I like to share all my excitement with my people! I love being outside so much that I even like to pretend I’m outside when I’m inside! I love putting my paws up on the windowsill and checking out what’s in my yard. I get really excited when people come to the door. I will bark like crazy until they’re out of my driveway! I would make a good guard doggy.

I really like playing with my foster sister Henley. Sometimes I just nibble on her ear until she gives in and chases me around. I’ve been awesome with all of the other dogs I’ve met so far, too. I really love a nice thorough butt sniff, sometimes it can be annoying, but if Henley tells me to go away I understand and give her some space. I didn’t have much socialization in my past life, but I’m adjusting extremely well if I do say so myself!

I haven’t met any young kiddos yet, but in my past life I had a 13-year old sister who I loved. I’m not sure if I would get along with a young child since I really do need someone to be very patient with me. I don’t think I would know any better and might accidentally knock over a kiddo with all the energy I have!

I love treats! Who doesn’t? I am very smart and love to learn new tricks. I can sit and lay down and I’m working on some other cool stuff. Sometimes I think there are human treats on the counter for me so I hop up for a peak, but I’m learning that’s naughty and have almost completely stopped checking out what’s on the counter.

I really love my toys (and sometimes things that I think are toys like socks) and I love them so much I do not like it when you try to get them from me. Please don’t try to yank anything out of my mouth, just trade me for a treat and I will happily trade you! Be patient with me. I’m learning!

My favorite thing after a long day of running around and sniffing is to hop up on the couch and lay down in your lap for a good, long nap. I get pretty tired out!

I know I will love my forever home no matter what, but I would really love someone (or someones) patient and active who have time to exercise me and snuggle up to me at night.

Duke was adopted on November 3, 2020
Sex: Male
Age: 2-5 Years
Weight: 20-45 Pounds
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? yes