We’ve always had golden retrievers, but when we saw photos of Duke we fell in love with his ears! We affectionately refer to him as the Duke of Ears. Thanks to Golden Bond Rescue and his foster family, Duke received much needed love and support to become the sweet and good boy that he was always meant to be. Because of their great work with him, he settled in quickly to his new home.

Initially, there was some concern that Duke might be timid around males, but that did not prove to be the case. He loves his new Dad and jumps up on his lap to watch TV or just to snuggle. We call him our 50 pound lap dog. Duke has also proven to be an exceptional running mate. He routinely goes for long runs with his new parents. He is really good on the leash whether during a run or on a walk.

He is quick learning and a very smart dog. We play ‘go find it’ with him, which means we hide treats throughout the house and he finds them. He loves this game. He knows all sorts of commands: go to your bed, sit, down, stay, off, touch (which means he needs to come to us, touch our hand and sit down). We do our best to give him things to work on. For example, we layer his kibble and pumpkin in a Kong, freeze the Kong and then give it to him. He loves working on the Kong and getting the rewards inside!

Given the pandemic he hasn’t the opportunity to meet too many new people; although, he has met some family members. He has been really good with everyone he has met. He gets very excited when meeting new people but does have the ability to settle down.

We’re working on the barking as he gets very alarmed by loud noises outside, especially the garbage truck. We are also working on car trips. He doesn’t like riding in the car and we keep telling him, we could drive to the mountains for a hike so let’s learn to love the car. Hopefully short trips will help prepare him to be in the car for longer trips.

He loves to chase his tail, which always gives us a giggle. We jokingly call him Mr. Busybody because he follows you everywhere and wants to know what you are doing.

He is a total love and we are so grateful for Golden Bond Rescue and his foster family
for connecting us with such a sweet boy.