Note: DouDou (Doodle) is a young, sight impaired pup who came all the way from China to live with a previous adopter who specifically requested him. A Success Story in the making! Here’s the update on this amazing dog and his more than amazing dad.

Doodle has grown substantially in his physical ( now 44 pounds) and mental stature, capabilities and confidence in the five or six weeks or so since his arrival.  It has really been a startling progression in a very short period of time.  He has not changed from his endearing self, and he still can’t jump into/out of the car, but he and his big sister Chloe co-exist just fine — although his new found voice (loud barks) do cause her a great deal of concern as it isn’t something she is accustomed to having around the house.


One of the amazing things that has shown itself over the past couple weeks is the strength of the genetics — this blind puppy found an old tennis ball in the ‘toy closet’ (old dog toys in the coat closet) and immediately began carrying it around.  Then he learned how to play ball by himself.  The floorboards at my house are just flat boards that stick out about 3/4″ from the wall and Doodle learned to drop the tennis ball right along the wall so it would hit the floor board and careen into the room.  Using the sound of it bouncing away from the wall, he chases it down, picks it up, takes it back to the wall and does it again.


I found an “outdoor” tennis ball for him and he has an outdoor version of this game as well.  The vacant lot next to me has a slight slope down from the driveway and he takes the tennis ball to the top of the slope, drops it, waits to hear it roll down the slope and chases it down.  He does all this play by himself — except when I notice he has ‘lost it’ entirely and I go help him out.  If the ball doesn’t roll, he pounces on it with both front feet to give it a ‘kick’ down the slope.


I find his interest in and creation of ball games just so ‘right’ for a Golden that I was amazed and thrilled at this behavior.  So while I can’t play ‘fetch’ with him, he still loves to walk around with a tennis ball in his mouth and chase them down — even if it is only a six to eight foot chase.


Doodle is very attentive for the most part and I’ve gained confidence enough that occasionally on the beach, when there are no people or cars around or other distractions, I’ve. begun working with him off-leash.  It is limited right now, but we’ll keep working at it until we are both comfortable…  that might be two years from now since the more ‘confident’ he becomes the less confident I am in his listening skills.  And with summer coming, the opportunities to have quiet time at the beach become rare indeed.

The picture (left) is Doodle exploring a log at the base of the sand dune on the beach.  He got up there by himself, but I did have to talk him down.  Like getting out of the car, he isn’t going to jump down onto something he can’t see… so we had to get to the place where the log & sand were close to level.


It is interesting to walk with him and imagine the world as he experiences it…


Doodle was adopted on March 24, 2018