I adopted Dotty in Dec of 2015, last year, what a treasure she is. Only has three legs but does pretty well. One of her eyes is blind basically but sees great on the other. Had her opthomology visit a month or so ago and her vision is stable. Yesterday she had an underwater massage treatment to help her back and leg. She loved it. Dotty2

She gets along well with  the cats even the feral one that occasionally comes in, loves MoMo my other Taiwan adopted dog ( MoMo #2445 top pic) they have learned to play together. They both sit facing each other then bat at each other, saves wear and tear on Dots titanium hip. Its pretty cute to watch. Anyway, love my two Taiwan ladies and think they are very happy here. I love them both!

Dotty was adopted on December 17, 2015.

Dotty’s Available Story:

Dotty standingMeet Dotty (#2564).  Dotty is a 5 – 7 year old female who was rescued from the streets of Taiwan.  At first we thought she was blind in the right eye but after a trip to Dr. Kirschner’s office (eye specialist), we found out that she does still have some vision in that eye.  To keep that eye healthy, Dotty is given one eye drop once daily and an eye cream twice daily.

Dotty is missing half of her right leg. We know from xrays that her leg was not removed surgical and that she probably lost it in an accident – hit by a car or caught in a trap.  Despite her challenges, Dotty is a calm, sweet and trusting girl.  The same xray showed us that her left hip is in pretty horrible condition. Because of her age and having only one rear leg, GBR elected to spend the extra money to give her a working back leg that will carry her along for the rest of her life.

Her overall health is excellent but she does have allergies (what golden doesn’t?) and must be kept on a restricted diet.  Even with the restricted diet (salmon and sweet potato), she will still occasionally get an ear infection and yeast build up on the underside of her front pads.

Gentle, beautiful Dotty is looking forward to finding her forever home and receiving some much deserved TLC. She had her hip surgery on August 5th, and as of September 13th, she was given the clearance to begin six weeks of physical therapy.

Sex: Female
Age: 5-7 years
Weight: 52 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: Unknown
Availability: Adopted