Hi, I’m Dorothy (#3641) and my bestie is Rose (#3642).  My foster parents have been calling me Dot, Dot Dog, or Dotty.  I don’t really know what any of that means but they keep saying it to me.   I’ll do most of the talking, well because I usually do most of the talking in our friendship.   Rose might be my mom, or my older sister or my cousin or aunt.  I’m not really sure what any of that means but I’m pretty sure we are best friends.  She’s about 6-years old and I am about 4.  Even though she’s older, I protect her when she’s scared, I give her reassuring licks, I’m brave enough for both of us and I like to sleep next to her at night.  We were both pretty nervous because we didn’t know what “inside” was.  But now I’ve started to figure out the routine of the house and I really like it.  Rose is still a little nervous but I think she is getting comfortable with our foster parents being around.  I get really excited at meal time and show my excitement by twirls until I get my bowl.  Rose likes meal times too, but she isn’t as comfortable as me eating around the other goldens in the house, so she prefers her food in the safety of her crate.  Also sometimes I like to eat her food too, so I think the humans also do this so she gets her food.  I do a good job of not stealing my foster brother’s meals and we all eat in the kitchen together at meal time.

I get excited when my foster parents come home and greet them at the door with my foster brothers Echo and Beau.  They also have SO MANY TOYS here!  I like to sneak a toy at a time out of the toy box and bring them to my special corner in the bedroom.  Squeaky toys are the best and if I hear one I’m on top of it.  Foster dad and I like to play tug sometimes with toys, he usually lets me win.  I really enjoy the Benebones, because when I’m anxious I chew on them instead of the furniture.  I’m just now learning to walk on leashes but there are so many new things and I’m not used to doing long walks so I get worn out quickly.  I learned about two new things in the last week: stairs and people beds.  I LOVE them both, but especially the people’s beds when my foster parents are in them.  They are so soft and I can snuggle up next to my foster mom and she will pet my head non-stop while I’m there.  That’s so great!

I still sometimes have accidents in the house but am starting to figure out a routine of when to go outside.  I’ve gotten along pretty well with my foster brothers.  Echo and I had a few miscommunications early on but now we will sleep next to each other and sometimes kinda play. Rose and I like to play when we get excited and have a yard to chase each other around with.  Okay, I’ve talked a lot. Rose has a few things to say now.

I’m Rose. My foster parents call me Rosie sometimes too.  I’m pretty nervous about things in general.  I don’t think I’ve ever really had a safe place or been in a house.  I get really anxious outside my crate and will often pace.  The foster parents brought home an Adaptil diffuser from the vet and that helps me relax.  I like my foster mom and let her pet me and ask for more pets. I’m not sure of my foster dad.  I’d definitely like to go to a home with at least one mom or maybe even two moms because they make me feel more comfortable.  I like to play with all the balls here, and sometimes I’ll wrestle with Dorothy when I feel really relaxed.  I like to sleep on soft blankets because I’ve never had anything so nice before.  I get along fine with my foster brothers, but they are usually wrestling with each other so I stay out of the way.  Dorothy has really adjusted to living in a house with people, but I’m really not sure, so I just need more time and more assurance that things are going to be okay.


Sex: Female
Age: 5-8 Years
Weight: 65-100 Pounds
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? unknown
Good with Kids? unknown