This morning it became abundantly clear that the moment we’ve been dreading had arrived… as good as life was for Abbie now, her body (and spirit) decided that she needed to move on. She had had a good week: Tues. going to the beach and enjoying 84º weather, Fri. taking a leisurely stroll and smell around PetCo, and of course her daily trips down to the barn for treats and good barn smells. But this morning her left front leg was not able to support her weight and she didn’t get much help from her hind legs. Abbie’s front end has been doing the lion’s share of the work for a while now, so not having 2 strong legs was an insurmountable problem for her. With much assistance she made it outside and did everything she was supposed to do, came back in (again with lots of assistance) and laid down. She wanted to eat as long as she didn’t have to do anything to accomplish that… so, of course, we fed her “breakfast in bed”! 🙂

Abbie endured more than we will ever know. Her troubled time in Taiwan helped her find her way to Golden Bond Rescue, who brought her to the U.S…. and eventually to us. Her 4 years with us had been anything but trouble free for her but she moved through whatever came her way without missing a step. Looking back at her first pictures with us here, we remember how she moved into our household with little difficulty and actually had a spring in her step… albeit a small spring. Throughout her stay she never demanded much, always worked to be near us (even when seeing and hearing were not available to her anymore) and tolerated Weslie. (Of course Weslie would say HE was the one who tolerated her!)

Sometimes in the evening when Abbie was sleeping, we’d see her “running” and hear her muffled bark. Having finally shed that tired old body, this is what we wish for her: that she can run and bark, experience joy, be pain free, see the world around her… hear the sounds… feel the breeze in her face and the warmth of the sun on her skin… smell all the good smells… and say “yes” to life. We also want Abbie to know she was always enough… she was perfect… she was a gift and a teacher, showing us how to be brave, determined and kind… the epitome of grace, quiet strength, and true grit.

To all of you healers that helped her live longer than she probably should have and to all who would asked about her well being, we thank you. Abbie thanks you.

With love and gratitude, Jo and Sharon






Donna (now called Abbie) was adopted on May 17, 2014.

Donna’s Available Story:

Donna 2429 IDonna is a very small (44 lb), sweet 6-8 year old golden retriever. She is the most well behaved dog that her foster mom has had the opportunity to work with. Her desires are very simple. She instantly likes all those she has met; dog or human.

She is totally leash trained. On a walk, she clearly lets one know what she wants. She will promptly do her business and after that has little interest in long walks. She lets one know her intent and heads home quickly. Donna is gentle, quiet, very attentive and happy to meet other dogs. She would do well in a one dog home, be that a house or apartment.  At her foster home, she is on a large piece of land but clearly prefers the house to exploring the outdoors. She does love to play and retrieve balls.

Donna 2429 IISome dogs are able to adapt well to the city life. Donna is one of those dogs. She has been a joy and very pleasant surprise. Before being fostered, Donna had been abandoned and lived on the streets of Taiwan for quite a while. Despite or because of these hardships, she adapted to family life extremely well. She was shaved before coming to the U.S. and she had some skin issues related to fleas but that is cleared up and her hair is growing back.

Her ideal home would be with a person who likes to go for leisurely walks and who would like a dog that lies at their feet, follows them around the house, and is very well behaved.



Sex: Female
Age: 6-8 years old
Weight: 44 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: yes, Cats: Yes; Kids: 13+
Availability: Adopted