Some dogs are so special, they deserve more than one name. And so it was for Dolly.  When Kay Yates met Dolly at the Marion County Pound, she burrowed right into Kay who immediately decided to take this sweet stray home. She named her “Dolly” because she was such a doll.

When Dolly came to live with us as a permanent foster, we started calling her “Daisy” because she was cheerful and pretty like a daisy.

Dolly/Daisy loved to hike. She rode quietly in the back of the car, looking out the window. On the trail, her cute waddling trot and happy smile made us smile as well.

Wherever we were in the house, Dolly/Daisy was nearby. When she rested her head in my lap, she pressed down hard, as if to hold me in place to make sure I petted her. When I worked on the computer, she would ask for a pat and then lie down next to me or even under my chair.

Dolly/Daisy loved to cuddle more than any dog I know. When we came home, she would be waiting by the door and would dive into us, whining with happiness.   I often brushed her when she was sleeping. She would not move, at least not until I stopped brushing her. Then she would lift either her head or her paw to ask me to continue.

Because Dolly/Daisy  had lymphoma, we were told that we would only have 6 months to 2 years with her. We were extremely fortunate that she lived with us for three and a half years. We thank Drs. Thomas, Wittstein, and Vaughn for her excellent care. We thank Kay Yates for providing her with Chinese herbs. We thank GBR for sharing this precious dog with us.

We miss our darling dog.