I am writing to you with a heavy heart to let you know Spirit passed away last week on 01/18/2017 from cancer.  He was 11- 1/2 years old.  I was very blessed to have found and adopted him from Golden Bond Rescue on 05/09/2009.  He was loving, playful, smart & devoted, and he was loved & adored by everyone who met him.  He loved to play in the water and was fascinated by sunbeams.  There was not 1 day in all the years we were together that he did not make me smile.  He is now greatly missed by so many, and I am lost without him.  Thank you Golden Bond for the greatest dog and for the happiest 7+ years.





Adopted May 14, 2009

1891_dodger_1I am so happy to have Spirit (formerly Dodger #1891) in my life, and I believe he is just as happy to have me in his. We met on May 9th, and it was love at first sight. We met in Vancouver, and he rode the trip with me to Renton so nice and calm as if he knew he was going to his forever home. He adjusted to his new home in just a couple weeks and had me wrapped around his paws within a day. He is beautiful, sweet, smart and very entertaining, and he gives me more love than I could ever imagine. He is close to being the perfect dog. He is left alone all day while I am at work with full run of the house and has never had an accident, chewed up anything or gotten into anything…………well, except for one time when he couldn’t resist cinnamon bread on the kitchen counter. When I come home from work, I am greeted with a smiling Spirit, and he is really smiling with his lips curled, his eyes twinkling and his tail wagging so much his entire body is wagging to keep up. I absolutely love coming home to him!

1891_dodger_2He likes to go with me in the car, and he rides sitting behind me in the back seat as if he is king of the road, and I’m his chauffeur. He is focused and good at catching his ball or toys in mid-air when thrown for him, and he will keep bringing them back for more, but he seems to think frizbees are only for catching and keeping for chew toys, so we haven’t mastered that one yet. He will walk around squeaking his squeak toys to let me know when its time to play if I’m doing other things. He loves playing in the water, whether it’s at the beach or in the back yard sprinkler.

Spirit has a fascination with a sunlight reflection through the window onto the floor or wall, and he will watch it for as long as it’s there with his tail wagging . He will also stand up on his back legs outside and bark at the moon. (Is there a “dog whisperer” around?)

1891_dodger_3We have some work to do on our daily walks. Spirit is my almighty protector, even when he doesn’t need to be. He wants to pull me along and go after any other dogs, joggers or bikers that come into our path. So we are registered in obedience classes to help us both enjoy our walks more, and he is becoming a model student. Once we get the walks down good, we are going to adopt a sister or brother for Spirit (from Golden Bond Rescue, of course). He loves to play with other dogs, and he really missed his foster brothers when he first came to live with me.

At the end of the day or after play time, he goes to his favorite spot……..what is now “HIS” sofa where he curls up in the pillows or stretches out. Life is good!

Thank you Golden Bond and Spirit’s foster mom, Carrie, for bringing us together and for all the support. We love Golden Bond Rescue and all that you do!!

Love, Janis & Spirit