Dixie was adopted on February 27, 2017Dixie

My name is Dixie (#2723) and if you’ll forgive me for just a minute, I’d like to brag about myself:  I am sweet, loving, beautiful, soft, playful, energetic, fun . . . you name it, if it’s a positive quality for a girl to have then I probably have it.  Since coming here from China last year, I have learned manners, commands, crate-training and house-training.  I’ve heard it said, not only by my foster family but also by others who have met me, that I am “an amazing dog.”  Again, please forgive me if I sound brash or arrogant.  I’m really uncomfortable bragging about myself like this, but I need to let you know what you’ll be getting if you adopt me.

Although I can’t be certain what breed (or breeds) my parents were, it’s pretty clear at least one of them was a yellow lab.   I look like a yellow lab only a bit smaller than most.  I hope that’s okay with you.  Now here’s the part of my story that I want to tread lightly on (I laugh whenever I say that):  I am missing a few inches of my front leg which has only a partially formed paw. Please hear me out on this though:  I may look a bit clumsy when I walk but I can run like the wind and jump like a dog on an invisible pogo stick. Please, please don’t let my physical appearance keep you from adopting me.  If you feel like we would be a good match, I’ve learned to deal with my “pawdicap” (what you might call a handicap) and I can help you learn to deal with it too.

Dixie's faceOh!  And speaking of my little “pawdicap”, it does not bother my foster sister one little bit.  She’s my bestie and she says she’d love me no matter how many deformed paws I had.  She and I can play for hours and hours and hours. It’s so much fun!  If you have a dog that likes to play, I’m sure I can quickly adapt to a new bestie.  I’ll miss my foster sister but I understand that my home with her is only temporary.  While having a playmate in my forever home would be a huge plus from my perspective, it’s not absolutely required — that is assuming, of course, you would be willing to spend time playing with me yourself.  Woof!

Finally, I walk great on a leash and love car rides. I’m a very sensitive girl and truly aim to please everyone. A little bit of re­direction or scolding goes a long way with me.  If I have an occasional issue with “impulse control”, I trust you’ll understand that I simply need to be gently reminded of my manners.  After all, I am still a very young dog and it takes a few years to reach perfection.

I hope you’ll consider making me a part of your family.

Adoption fee:  $650 plus $35 microchip fee

Sex: Female
Age: 18 months
Weight: 47 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: 10+
Availability: Now