My name is Digger (#3368) and I am a “wonderful” 2 year old, 87 pound, purebred golden retriever. My mom was a standard golden and my dad was an English Cream golden. My person passed away and I am in search of another person to love me. I am great with other dogs and good with cats. I know most of the basic commands. I love people of all ages and have been around kids with no problems.

I have a lot of energy and a daily walk or two helps me to better relax around the house. I also love to play fetch, tug, wrestle or just play, but most of all I LOVE my human and I want to be right by their side every moment of the day. I am happy doing whatever they are doing as long as I am with them. This includes riding in the car, gardening, walking, eating, playing, lounging, working and sleeping. I am happiest when I am within 10’ of my person.

I will do best in a home where someone is home most of the time and I am included on most family adventures. In my foster home, I have been working on my separation anxiety and although I have made some progress, I will need someone willing to work on this with me. I am very uncomfortable being left alone. I will pace, pant, drool, whine and bark and it escalates the longer I am left. I am very nervous in “new” situations, but once I understand how everything works, I am very relaxed. I just need someone with some patience and time to show me around any new environment.

I also have a “thing” with my water dish. I LOVE water and drink a little like a hippopotamus. I drink many, many times a day. My new person will need to have a nice water station in an area with waterproof floors 😉 and a little patience with my drinking manners.

Outside of a couple of quirks, I am “a charming and beautiful dog.” When I am embarrassed or excited I will walk behind my person, nuzzle in between their knees and sit down right between their legs looking up to be petted. I am perfect petting height. I also will dance on my back legs when I am feeling very playful. I love walks and am good on a leash. I will entertain myself for hours with toys and like to be surrounded by a collection of toys. I will wag the tip of my tail any time my person talks to me or approaches me, even when I am sound asleep. I am “a kind and beautiful” dog, just looking for the right human to call my own.

Digger was adopted on June 28, 2020

Sex: Male
Age: 2-5 Years
Weight: 65-100 Pounds
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? yes
Good with Kids? yes