It is with a very heavy heart that I inform you that Dexter crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning at 11:30 in Hendersonville, TN.

He passed with his head in my lap, and Nancy sitting by his side.  (We had him euthanized due to a burst tumor in his heart.)

We adopted Dexter in August or September of 2006 while living in Grants Pass..  He was a very energetic two year old and needed lots of training.  However, he grew into the most loving and important member of our family. This is a photo we took of him about 3 years ago on the Oregon Coast with our granddaughter.

Adopted August 20th, 2006

Dexter #1375Hi, I’m Dexter #1375 and WOW, has my life changed!! I lived with someone who got me as a puppy and kept me for a year, and then suddenly I was homeless and wandering the streets. I made it to the animal shelter in Washington and from there to foster care with Golden Bond Rescue. They said I was as “wild as a March hare.” I was really just scared to death and didn’t know how to act. Someone else adopted me and decided they didn’t want me either, so back to foster care I went. People just didn’t know how cool I really was, but my new Mom and Dad think I’m the cat’s meow!! They know I have a few issues to work on, but they love me and are helping me become the real “Stud Muffin” I really am.

I’m two years old now and have already lived in 7 different places – whew, gives me a headache just to think about it! I have lived in my new forever home for about 3 weeks and am quite at home. I weigh around 65 pounds, but I think I’m a lap dog, especially when Mom is trying to read the paper. I have 4 felines to deal with, and at first I thought it would be so much fun to chase them around. BUT, Mom said the cats didn’t think that was very funny, so I couldn’t do it anymore. It didn’t take me very long to learn that lesson, especially after those cats slapped me around a little bit and threw in lots of hisses for good measure. Now I just ignore them and they walk right under my chin. They think they are the owners around here, but I just think they are in the way, and too darn bossy. Anyway, if the truth be told, they are too fat to run like a rocket like I do. Mom and Dad walk me a LOT every day, twice even, but I still need to run around like a big clown. Mostly I’m just showing off how fast I can go.

My new Mom and Dad have already taught me how to swim, since I couldn’t remember if I could. We went to the river and I slapped at the water with my paws and gulped tons of it. My Dad stayed in the water with me, and pretty soon I was swimming around, holding my head up, and even retrieving a stick like the other smarty-smarty dog that was there. Later, I went to the park with Mom, walked around and watched the ducks swim – no big deal. I can do that now, too! In 2 weeks we are going camping, and that sounds like fun, especially the s’mores thing. Don’t know what they are but they seem to get excited when they talk about them. My Mom and Dad found out I love car rides because everytime they get near the car or truck I want to get in and go somewhere – anywhere, it doesn’t matter. I’m just always looking for something fun to do, especially if it involves hanging around with other dogs. My most favorite thing is running, running, running…..well, you get the idea, with my dog friends. I am top dog here, but my Mom and Dad might get me a playmate. They haven’t decided yet. Probably because they have so many darn cats!! Yeah, I knew they would be a problem. Drat!

My new yard is pretty cool, too. I have 5 acres of deer, squirrels, birds, mice, and other critters to chase around in the forest. And, boy, do those lizards keep me busy. I keep sniffing them out, and then everytime I go outside I try to find them in the same place, but they aren’t there. Guess they just aren’t as predictable as I am – go figure……

Well, enough about me. I heard my parents say I have settled in really well, and they will keep working with me on my “issues.” They also said I filled the hole in their hearts when their first Golden “Cassie” passed away in July. I thought I was the one being rescued, but they said it was the other way around. Guess that’s why they call me “Dexter the Great”. Of course, my last foster Mom Darlene was just the love of my life, and I sure missed her at first. But she said I can come to visit anytime to play with her other 4 golden “kids.” I already stayed with her for a week while my family went on a cruise. She said I was sad while they were gone, but now everything is cool and I’m a “rock star” again.

My parents want to thank Golden Bond Rescue for giving me to them so quickly after they applied. Golden Bond knew they needed someone right away to help them get through. And I want to thank Golden Bond for helping me become a gentleman so someone could love me for real this time. Well, I’m outta here for now. Going to the landscape place with Dad in the truck. Yipee!