Hi, I’m Denny (#3242)! I am an active young boy from China, and I’m looking for people who want to do fun things with me! I’m really smart, and I learn quickly. I like to run and jump, and I like treats a lot! Agility? Flyball? Rally? Those all sound like a lot of fun to me! I really want to keep busy and do things. Let’s go hiking, too! And car rides – I LOVE car rides! I don’t want to sit around the house all day – I want to DO stuff! So let’s go!

If you let me do a lot of stuff, then I’ll be happy to relax and chew on my rubber balls. That’s my chewing gum! I like to fetch balls too!

I gotta admit, though, I have a couple of rough edges, but it’s mainly because I’m such a young dog. I’ll steal stuff from the counters – paper towels are yummy!  I’m not afraid to use my voice if I want something but my foster family is teaching me that I get treats if I’m quiet!

Will you do stuff with me? Let’s go!

From Denny’s foster family: Denny is a great dog! He is really still just a puppy, with puppy energy. He needs a family that will keep his mind and body busy. He has incredible food drive and is very focused for treats with a great attention span. He learns quickly. He’s athletic and fast. He really would be a natural at many dog sports.

Denny has gotten along fine with dogs he’s met so far – he mostly ignores them. He’s been fine with cats as well but may chase them if they run.

He is still working on housebreaking. He needs to be taken out every couple of hours during the day, plus after anything where he gets excited. He sleeps fine through the night. He has been fine when left alone for a few hours. We give him food toy puzzles and chews before we leave. He loves any type of food puzzle!

He does pull on the leash but walks well with a front-clip harness.

Overall, Denny’s an amazing young dog that just wants to bound into your life and do fun things with you!

Denny was adopted on October 1, 2019

Sex: Male
Age: 1 1/2 years
Weight: 50 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Unknown; Cats: Yes; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED