WAG! WAG!! WAG!!! Hello! My name is Delaney (#3239). I arrived from China early September and I am so curious about this new life!

The vets are guessing that I am about 3 years old, but my foster mom thinks that I may be younger. I am super playful and I am also very affectionate and I really love cuddles.

I live with my foster sisters who are both from China also and my foster brother. My foster sisters have been showing me my place in the pack and I am trying to teach them to let loose and have fun! My foster brother is my favorite as he wrestles with me throughout the day.

I am so very curious about the “pokey monsters.” They live up the stairs and I like to jump the baby gate to go visit them. I bark to invite them to play, but they aren’t having my invite! “Silly cats” is what my foster mom calls them.

I love toys and balls! I like to run to play fetch, but I don’t like to give up the ball! I do get so excited that I take toys from my foster sisters which is a very bold move and I am lucky they have been very gracious. I also am really very fond of footwear, I like to carry shoes around and I have been very gentle, but sometimes I need to be reminded of my manners and that not everything belongs to me. I run daily zoomies; I have long legs and foster mom says I run like a racehorse!

I will still need some “obedience training.” I really have “sit” perfected as I know that is the BEST way to get pats. But sometimes I get really excited and I jump up and dance on my hind legs. When I am given my dinner, I can sit and wait briefly; we are working on my patience, but this food is so delicious! I go to my crate easily and that is where I sleep although I really have my eyes on that comfy couch!

I still like to pull when I am on my leash – this world is just so exciting! I like to look at other dogs and I don’t yell hello to them. I do need to be reminded to do my business when I am outside – there are just so many fascinating things to do and explore!

Might you be the family who will continue to help me be the amazing family member that I know I can be?

Note from Delaney’s foster family: Delaney is a very loving pup, and she wants to please. In between playtime, she loves to snuggle. She would thrive with a patient older dog in her family. Delaney likes to be near people and loves attention, yet isn’t a Velcro dog. She does play well by herself, but like a toddler, she should have frequent eyes on her while she is learning. She will be an awesome addition to a family able to guide her with attention and love.

Delaney was adopted on October 11, 2019

Sex: Female
Age: About 3 years old
Weight: 61 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Unknown; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED