Dave came into our lives on January 6th, 2017. Within a week, Dave and our, then 3 month old, puppy Maggie bonded big time. Dave was very anxious at first, and tried the big escape a few times, but as time went by, he realized he’s in his forever home now. He’s turned into the biggest snuggler, and is such a great big brother to Maggie (and allows the cat to be his big brother).


Dave and Maggie are learning manners together, and have become good at different things. We’re hoping Dave can teach Maggie that “come” is a very good thing and you really do get treats when returning to the human.

Dave loves his walks and does really well walking calmly, with the occasional calf-let-out-on-a-meadow-in-spring antics, which we’ve learned to work with. He loves going to the off-leash dog park and runs around and plays really well with other dogs. Boy, can he run!

We couldn’t be happier to have Dave in our lives and enjoy his snuggles and company. We’ll be forever grateful to GBR for rescuing this very cool little dude (his wonderful foster mom’s description) and for us to enjoy his company for years to come!


Dave was adopted on January 6, 2017



Dave’s Available Story:

Dave on wood floorHey everybody! Hi there!  I’m Dave (#2739) and I am one very happy, active, beautiful red Golden from China who is just so thrilled to be here in the USA with lots of love, treats, food and big time scratches and rubs.   I’m pretty small for a Golden and am pretty skinny right now, so I need to gain some weight.  I have a good appetite so I should be up to my ideal weight in no time.

I love to play with other dogs. Unfortunately, my foster mom’s dogs don’t like to play. (A total bummer for me.)

For such a little guy, I have a pretty big bark though I don’t use it very often.

I’ve got “sit” and “come” down pretty well, but will need more training to get all the other basics down pat. I walk nicely without pulling with a Freedom Harness, but I do get a little distracted because there are so many wonderful new smells.  Yea!

I do really well in a crate, and will go lay in it on my own sometimes to sleep.   I love all kinds of toys, including stuffed ones and I don’t chew them up.  I love walking around with a toy in my mouth most of the time.

I haven’t been around cats so I don’t know how I would be, but I have a pretty mellow temperament and I don’t chase birds or squirrels so I might be fine with them.   I also haven’t been around kids, but I’m sure I would love them though maybe they need to be older since when I first meet people I jump up on them to say hello.   I’ve learned that jumping on people isn’t a good thing, so I’ve been working really hard on not doing it anymore and my foster mom says I am getting better all the time.

When I first got to my foster home, I liked to jump up to check out the counters and found out that wasn’t a good thing either so I’ve been working really hard at staying off the counters and my foster mom says I’m almost totally trained on that, too.

Dave on rugOh yeah.  There is one other thing you should know: Sometimes I can get a little mouthy.  I have a very soft mouth and I don’t try to bite you, but I like to have your hand in my mouth.  I’m learning that isn’t a good thing either and I am getting better with that.

I really like to please and am food-motivated so it should be easy to teach me all the things I need to know about becoming a great dog.  My foster mom says I am very trainable and I learn quickly. (Yea me!)

If you’re looking for a fun little guy who is active, walks nicely on a leash, loves to learn new things and loves other dogs, I could just be your ticket to a great new family member. I can’t wait to find my new furever home. Could it be with you?

Notes from foster Mom:  Dave is just a sweetheart of a dog.  He will need some training to learn what’s acceptable and what’s not but he learns very quickly and is eager to please.   He doesn’t dig or chew things up; he takes treats very nicely; he gets along great with other dogs; and, he loves to be petted.  Overall, he is just one very cool little dude!

Sex: Male
Age: 2 years old
Weight: 50 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Probably okay; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adopted