Dana was adopted on January 22, 2017.

Dana’s Available Story:

DanaMy name is Dana (#2727).  I have been told that I am “lovely” and “sweet.”  I adore other dogs, and want to play with everyone, especially other young dogs who like to wrestle and rough house.  I have met kids in passing and been really good with them; I would do better with kids 10 and older because I get pretty bouncy and goofy when I’m playing.  My foster home has three cats. I’d love to be friends if they were interested, but I respect their space and usually ignore them. My foster mom says I will do best with dog-savvy cats.

I need people who understand that I’m new here, and am still trying to figure out what things are and how I am supposed to act. I want to please and am extremely sensitive to correction, so positive training methods only for me please. I haven’t have much training, but I learn quickly and love to work. My foster mom thinks I would be an excellent service or therapy dog.  I’ve got a good sit, and am learning leave it, stay, and come. I am allowed on one piece of furniture at my foster home, and don’t try to get on any other; I sleep on a dog bed in the bedroom.

Dana sittingSome would say I am a “social butterfly” since I prefer being in a group of people and/or dogs. I am calm and mellow in the house and when greeting people, but need an active lifestyle. Lots of long walks and fetch are great, and I would probably be a good jogging companion. I’m pretty sure, based on what I have heard,  that I will love the beach—I am fascinated by gulls and crows, and would be delighted to chase them. I walk “beautifully” on a Wonder Walker harness. As I’ve gotten more comfortable, I can be a little stubborn, and am learning to go the same direction as the human all the time, especially when there’s food on the sidewalk. When I play with people I get silly and a little mouthy but stay gentle (I usually pick up and keep a toy in my mouth—good self control!), and when I play with other dogs I like to stand up on my hind legs and wrestle with them.

Dana outside on leashI like fuzzy toys I can really sink my teeth into and chew up, and love my tennis ball. I have chewed a couple holes in my bed, but you can redirect me easily. I counter surf a little, but am learning to be polite, and don’t take food from people’s hands. I am not food aggressive; you can put your hand in my dish while I’m eating (if you’re in to that soft of thing), and the cats can walk right up to my bowl (not sure how I’d be with other dogs in my bowl though). I like riding in a car, and lie down calmly. I’m affectionate but don’t lick, grab hands, or paw people. I like to be near you but don’t have to have your attention. I have very little anxiety overall, but training to prevent separation anxiety will be important for me.

The vet heard a small heart murmur at my first visit, and will check me again before I am adopted. I am being treated for a urinary tract infection, but don’t have any other health issues. I am housebroken and even with the UTI have had no accidents. My one bad habit is eating my poop, so picking it up right away will be essential . . . or not.

Sex: Female
Age: About 18 months
Weight: 50 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: Adopted