Hi! My name is Daisy (#3764), and I am such a great girl! I am 2-years old and am already very gentle and mature for my age. I know how to have a lot of fun playing fetch, tug-o-war and other games, but I also know how to be very calm and settle down. I’m so good at following commands that most of the time my foster mom doesn’t even need to say words – she just looks at me, and I know exactly what to do! I don’t want to brag too much, but I’m also very smart, so I learned to follow commands in just a few days…and with the help of lots of treat rewards when I did a good job.

I’m the perfect mix of Golden Retriever, Yellow Labrador and English Shepard. I weigh 58 pounds and am a little underweight but am eating extra food to get me to my ideal weight of around 65 pounds. I’m very healthy and don’t have any allergies – yay for me! My coat is a beautiful golden color, and I have two matching white marks on my shoulders. My foster mom is pretty sure that’s where my angel wings used to be. I really don’t shed much at all and am need & tidy when I eat, drink and go potty.

I have excellent house manners and stay off the furniture, even though I’d love to snuggle on the couch if they invited me up. I don’t counter surf, or get in the trash, or chew/take things that aren’t mine.  I’m great at not begging. I like to see what my foster parents are eating (just in case it’s meant for me), but when they take their first bite, I walk away like a good girl.

I used to live with two cats, and I loved them very much. I pretty much love everybody, but I need to learn to be calm when I see another dog and sometimes a person on a walk. I get so excited that I pull on my leash, whine and don’t listen very well to my foster mom. I’m so friendly that I just want to run over to meet and smell them. Not sure why that’s a big deal, but I probably need to go to training classes to help me learn to handle my feelings better, since I am such a good girl in every other way. I haven’t been with children much, and as I learn to be calm when I meet someone new, I think I’d love being around them very much.

I really want a family that will be home more than they’re gone, because I love my people so much. I understand that humans need to go places, but I hope it won’t be all day. Once I feel comfortable, I won’t follow you everywhere, and I’ll just snooze nearby. I am very snuggly, and if you lay on the floor, I love to put my nose in your neck and cuddle up as close as possible. In the morning, while my foster parents are still drinking their coffee, I bring them all my toys and quietly leave them on the couch. It’s actually very convenient, because then they’ll know I’m ready to play!

Like I said, I’m a wonder, gentle and smart girl with excellent house manners. I’m pretty sure that you’d love having me live at your house as your new sweet furry buddy.


Sex: Female
Age: 2-5 Years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: Meeting a Family
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? yes
Good with Kids? yes