Daisy #3207

Hi! My name is Daisy, and I’m the Very Best Girl. I know that’s true because my foster mom says so all the time. The vet checked my teeth and says I’m a youngster at two years old. I have some white on my face already, maybe because I didn’t have the easiest start in the world.

I was rescued out of the Chinese meat market and arrived in the States in June with ear infections and some pretty big hot spots on my tail and leg. That’s when we discovered why my hip kept bothering me, too; I had hip dysplasia in my left hip. Thanks to Golden Bond, I’m ALL BETTER now with a clean bill of health! After a lot of TLC, some medicine, and a full hip replacement surgery, I have a new lease on life! I’m pain-free, almost all my fur has grown back, and now I’m just waiting on my forever family.

My foster mom says I’m going to make a wonderful companion for someone. I’m easy-going, attentive, kind to all animals and humans, and I love to go on walks. In my foster home, we’re very busy — we have lots of kids and dogs coming and going, and there are two other resident dogs, two cats, and a bunny. I like all of them, and they all like me — I even let the puppy lick my teeth for me — but I like the people best of all. In fact, if I could spend the rest of my life hanging out with a human or humans, I would be the happiest. Being with dogs is OK. Being with YOU makes my heart sing.

I know how to sit now, and I know how to walk on a leash. I like to stay right next to my person, so I don’t tug or pull much while we walk or try to go ahead. That wouldn’t be ladylike. If I have too much energy, I’ll just walk circles around you until I burn enough off to stay by your side.

Other than being with you, my favorite things are treats and eating breakfast and dinner. The only time I bark is when I’m too excited about food to keep my joy inside. I’ll dance in circles while you prepare my meals and tell you about how much I’m looking forward to it, but I’ve learned to sit pretty before you put it down. My foster mom says I’m a vacuum, so she sometimes feeds me in a puzzle bowl or scatters my food to slow me down; I like that because it keeps me entertained, plus FOOD. My favorite kind of treats is All the Kinds. I enjoy apples and carrots, too, although I mostly just shred the carrots and spread them on the floor as decoration. I also really love chew toys smeared with peanut butter.

Speaking of shredding, I LOVE to tear apart paper and cardboard and the occasional stuffed animal. I don’t chew on other stuff — no furniture or wall chewing for me (that’s gross) — but if you leave paper or boxes around, I assume you’d like me to make them into confetti for you. I’m very efficient at it. You’re welcome. With stuffed animals, I only sometimes dismember and disembowel them; mostly, I carry them around in my mouth and like to snuggle them. I also love to carry tennis balls. My one great sorrow in life is that I haven’t figured out how to hold tennis balls in my mouth and eat dinner at the same time.

I haven’t learned to use a dog door, go up or down stairs, or to “stay” yet. Since I’ve been recovering from hip surgery, my foster mom kept me away from the first two to prevent any jumping injuries. And the whole “stay” thing baffles me. Why in the world would I want to “stay” separated from you when I can just “come” to you instead?? So I have a few more tricks to learn if you’re willing to help a girl out.

I am an all-around great dog looking for a human to adore. If you’re looking for a pretty mellow, side-snuggling, foot-warming, tail-wagging companion, I might be the one for you!

Daisy was adopted on November 1, 2019

Sex: Female
Age: 2 years
Weight: 69 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: ADOPTED