Our Old Boy, Rooks, “raced across the river” late yesterday evening. He said he wasn’t going to walk across a fancy colored bridge, he’d rather run across the river, to the other side. He was said to be 10 when he arrived. So he was anywhere from 14-1/2 to 15+yrs old.

He had been feeling poorly for the last month (good days and bad days) and yesterday he finally gave us the sign that he was ready to go.

Rooks was our first GBR and came to us in Jan. 2014 along with his mother, Daisy. Rooks was the resident greeter for 19 other fosters and adoptees (20 including Daisy) in the next 4-1/2 years. He made each and every one welcome and readily shared all that he had (toys, beds, mom and dad). He was definitely the alpha male with every one that came and they all settled in within a couple of days and were right at home.

He was a gentle soul that loved everybody and everything. He was the absolute best anyone could ever wish for and it leaves a big hole in our hearts with his passing. We’ll turn our attention and love to Cinnamon and Gus (not that they weren’t getting any before). Gus is our latest fur child that came from Senior Dog Rescue in Corvallis.


Daisy and Rooks were adopted on February 1, 2014.

Daisy and RooksMeet Daisy (#2404 – right) and her son Rooks (#2405 – left). Daisy is a 13 years old and Rooks is 10. We’re keeping the two dogs together since Rooks has never been away from Daisy for the entire 10 years of his life. We don’t have much information on the dogs but we do know they have been around cats. Now that they’re in a foster home, we’ll get to know them better. What we do know is that they’re very sweet and love to be around people.



Sex: Male
Age: Daisy: 13; Rooks: 10
Weight: Unknown at this time
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes: Kids: Unknown
Availability: February 1, 2013