Cyril, now named Skylar, finally came to us on Dec 30 after we waited almost a year,

 due to Covid. He is the sweetest son-dog ever, is very affectionate, follows me everywhere, and watches TV with me (on the bed of course). The best helper ever. He is very curious about the cats, who he has made friends with, and he gets along great with the rest of our pack.

He is very well mannered, loves squeaky balls and toys. He plays fetch, is very smart, and loves french fries.
We love him more than ever now that he is here. If we had a bigger house, I would take another one.
He seems super happy and is beyond spoiled, plays with our other kids and doesn’t take any crap if needed. You can tell he can take care of himself.

We are so glad we could give him a forever home.

Lori & Ken