My name is Cora (#3417).  I arrived from China on November 23, 2020.  My foster family asked me to share that I am beautiful, loving, and sweet.  I have some fears and quirks but all I need to overcome those is a lot of love, patience, and learning to trust my humans.

I am a counter surfer but listen well when told “off.”  I taught myself to use the doggy door so potty issues are non-existent.  I love people. I do jump on my fosters, but I am  learning what off means.  (“Off” is a good word!)  I love my toys.  I love to collect things and take them outside. I love taking the pillows off the couch for no reason other than I want to take them off.

Did I say I love people?  I am a furry ball of energy and my fosters think I would love a playmate; they have two small senior dogs and I tend to walk over them since I am not used to being around smaller animals.  I am not aggressive toward them but if they startle me, I will bark loud and deep which sounds like thunder!  The same goes with the cat. I want to be friends but do not understand how to use a gentle approach. Perhaps a home with no cats or a “dog savvy” cat would be best and a playmate or two that are closer to my size would be even better.

I love my treats and am very gentle when taking them from your hand.  I love my food and am not so gentle about waiting for it, but I am smart, and am working on waiting. Heck, if you had to wait all day for someone to feed you, you would be a little bit impatient as well.

I love to chase my tennis ball and am very good at bringing it back and dropping it.  I am fast!  I love to play and run.  I am working on my leash skills.  I am strong so my fosters have a front-clip harness which works well.

My fosters say I have, ‘the most beautiful brown eyes that make you melt when I stare at you wanting attention.’  They think you can see the love and maybe a little bit of uncertainty in them. No one can fully understand what my past was like.  I am fearful of things with handles (brooms, long sticks); I will cower and try to hide when I see them.  My fosters have learned to go slow when they are around me with something new. I need space to learn to trust.

My fosters and I will have a hard time parting once I find my forever home but we’re thankful to have been part of each others journey.

Cora was adopted on January 21, 2021

Sex: Female
Age: 2-5 Years
Weight: 45-65 Pounds
Availability: Now
Good with Dogs? yes
Good with Cats? yes
Good with Kids? unknown