We are so happy to have Forest (formerly Comet) in our lives. He is such a sweet boy and brings so much joy to our family. Forest entered our lives quite soon after we lost our previous Golden but has filled a void in our lives and we love his sweet and unique personality.

Forest has just completed basic obedience training classes and is working on his manners and commands. So far he knows how to sit, lay down, shake, stay and is walking well on a loose leash. Forest enjoys going to work with his dad at his dog friendly office in downtown Seattle. He is very well mannered on the light rail and gets many pets from strangers who comment on his good behavior.

​Forest has 2 cat siblings who absolutely love him.  Basil (the brown one) follows him around everywhere he goes and they play and sleep together. Forest is very gentle with the cats and was aware that Glen (the white one) was more cautious around him at first. Now they are good buds as well.




​We can’t wait to take Forest hiking and swimming for the first time in his life this summer. We love Forest and are so glad to have him in our family. Our house feels more like a home with a Golden in it. Thank you Golden Bond!





Dear Future Forever Family,

Hi! My name is GoodBoyComet or SoSmartComet!  Unless we’re on a walk, in which case my name is CometDon’tPull.  You can just call me Comet. You know, like the cosmic bodies zipping around the sun, yellow tails streaming behind them.  That’s me!

I am a very busy and energetic boy and I need a lot of exercise.  My foster mom says I need just as much brain exercise as physical exercise because if I get bored, I may relapse into my criminal past.  I wouldn’t call it criminal…I just wasn’t getting the attention and exercise I felt I needed, and I wasn’t clear on boundaries at the time.  I’m a very smart dog and I like to come up with creative solutions to little problems.  If my foster brother won’t play with me because he wants to chew on a toy, I’ll steal the toy from him, run away to put it somewhere he can’t get it and then run back to him.  Usually he’s a little grumpy about this but it works every time–he plays with me!  And, onetime, when my foster brother kitties were in the driveway, I climbed up on a dining room chair to watch them through the window.  Speaking of windows, I really like sitting quietly and watching the neighborhood every morning when my foster mom drinks her coffee.  I hope you have windows I can look out of!

I love EVERYONE.  Kitties, small dogs, big dogs, and humans of all ages.  When I see young humans, I automatically sit and if I can, I gently reach out to lick their hands or nuzzle them.  When I see kitties, I get very slow and gentle because I really want them to play with me.  Sometimes I play noseball with one of the kitties that lives here: he bats the ball to me, and I use my nose to gently roll it back to him.

My hobbies are playing with my foster brother, running, getting toweled off, rolling in snow, playing with humans, getting toweled off, snuggling with anyone, playing with kitties, going for walks, getting toweled off, learning new tricks, playing with puzzle toys, and getting toweled off.  I REALLY like getting toweled off.  Sometimes I ask to go outside and then turn right back around and come in—just in hopes that my foster mom will towel me off.  I’ll even sit through a bath (I really DON’T like baths) to get that glorious, full-body towel massage after!  Oh, and I really like it when my foster mom sings.  It relaxes me and if you sing to me when I’m nervous, I’ll calm right down.

I like learning new things a lot. Sometimes I teach myself behaviors and surprise my foster mom with them.  Like the time I watched my foster brother not fetch her slippers two nights in a row when she asked him to “please get my slippers.”  The third night I fetched the slippers before my foster brother could do it and she told me what a good, smart boy I was!  I LOVE being told I’m a good boy.  Sometimes I’d rather hear “good boy” than be given a treat.  I don’t like crunchy treats.  So far, the only treats I like are pieces of hot dog or Natural Balance Roll.  Speaking of consuming things: my tummy really hurts when I eat food with chicken in it.  I show this by hunching over and by not being interested in food.  My tummy feels good when I eat food with duck or turkey in it.  I’m not super interested in foodor treats with fish.

I’m learning to walk on a leash, but my foster mom says I’ll need to go to obedience classes with my forever family.  I’m really interested in saying “Hi!” to everyone we meet on our walks and my foster mom says I’m getting better about being appropriate with them (sometimes I still try to jump on adult humans, but never children).  I do have a little bit of separation anxiety—especially when I get left in the car on errands—probably because I’ve already lost humans twice in my life.  I’ve learned not to jump out of the car or rush out doors without permission.  I am a VERY GOOD BOY!

I’m looking for a family who will take me to obedience class and walks and hikes and will give me lots of snuggles.  I like it when people gently teach me boundaries and I get very nervous and sad when humans raise their voices at dogs near me.  My foster mom says I would really benefit from doing either agility, or nosework like tracking.  She thinks I might make a good therapy dog, too, because I’m so smart, and I observe and take cues from what’s going on around me…except for that one time when I stood on my hind legs so I could give a tiny elderly lady a gentle kiss on the cheek.  Hey, I didn’t put my feet on her and in my defense, it WAS Valentine’s Day and she did smile very sweetly at me before I kissed her (and laughed delightedly afterwards).  I really like having another dog to play with and kitties to keep track of, but I’d probably be fine without them.  I just want a family who will love me and tell me I’m a good boy while I zip around them, yellow tail streaming behind me.

Love and gentle golden kisses,


Comet was adopted on March 23, 2019

Sex: Male
Age: 4 years
Weight: 71 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Yes; Kids: 10+
Availability: ADOPTED