Cola was adopted on April 27, 2014.

Cola SeattleMeet Cola (#2428). He’s one of the dogs GBR is bringing over from Taiwan. Before you say, “Hey, isn’t that a yellow lab?” let us say, “Yes, Cola is a yellow lab.” When we saw his picture, we couldn’t resist helping him start a new happy life as well. Cola is 100% lab but we’re certain he has a golden heart. What we know about him is that he’s five years old, he’s good with dogs, kids and cats, plus he walks well on a leash.

At 88 pounds, Cola was the largest dog to come over from Taiwan. One would think after traveling for 13 hours he would come out of his crate nervous and scared – not Cola! He came out with a huge grin and looking for a place to pee. Once the pee-job was finished, he began exploring. There were so many new smells he couldn’t decide where to start sniffing. His GBR volunteer roommates discovered that he is quite the snorer!


Sex: Male
Age: 5 years ols
Weight: 88 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: yes, Cats: Yes; Kids: 13+
Availability: About May 15, 2014