Cocoa is doing great.  He is such a sweet boy and very playful. He follows commands very well so far. He can “sit” and understands “leave it”. He loves to play fetch at the park with the Chuck It. He loves to get rambunctious with the boys and they have a lot of fun with him.

We have crate trained him for when we are at school and work. He’s been doing just fine with that. He’s only in it for a few hours at a time at the most. He sleeps in our bed at night and is taking up more and more room, the more comfortable he gets. 🙂

We start obedience classes in two weeks, I’m excited for that. I’d love to get him in some agility classes down the road. He loves to jump and pounce, he’s such a joyful, energetic addition to our family. Cocoa is definitely a mama’s boy; he follows my every move.




Cocoa was adopted on February 2, 2017.

Cocoa’s Available Story:

Hi, there everyone! Let me introduce myself: I’m Cocoa (#2768), one of Candy’s (#2722) six puppies and I traveled all the way from Beijing, China.  It was a long and scary trip for me.

When I arrived in America, some nice people fed me and let me walk around a bit.  I was still pretty scared when I got to my foster home the next day.  I liked meeting the big dogs here and following them around inside and out.  I get to eat lots of good food  and even get treats when I try to SIT.

Now that I’ve been here for a couple of weeks, I feel pretty safe and comfortable.  I love to run after balls outside with my doggie foster brother and sister.  I also love running around in the snow and even rolling in it.  Inside, I like to play with squeaky toys and anything that I can chew.  Real bones and antlers and bully sticks are great – nylabones, not so much.  Balls are still the best and some of them even squeak!

I am learning to go outside to pee and poop.  When its really cold out, I prefer puppy pads in the house.  My foster mom puts those pads right near the door to remind me to go outside.  When the weather is warmer and dry, I will get this skill down.  I let my foster parents know that I  don’t like dog crates very much.  I whined a lot a couple of nights until they let me sleep on a dog bed with the big dogs.  I am a good boy all night with no whining until I wake up and need to go outside.

I like going for walks and sniffing all the interesting smells.  I’ve met lots of people and even some kids.  I like big kids pretty well, but I try to stay away from the noisy toddler who sometimes visits my foster mom and dad.  I think the best thing about little kids is that they drop food when they are eating!

So I’m learning lots of new words like COME and STAY and even my name, Cocoa.  I would be happy to meet you someday, if you want to be my real forever family.  I will try to be a very good boy and learn everything that I can.

From Foster Mom:  Cocoa is a very sweet five month old puppy.  He was born in China to his mother Candy (#2722) and his father, a “something” mix (see Dad on the right); however, Cocoa looks just like a black lab puppy.

Cocoa likes to stay near us and loves to snuggle on my lap.  He has a very soft, gentle mouth except when he gets excited and can be a little “mouthy” – grabbing onto hands or clothes.  He is smart and learning English commands very well.
Cocoa weighs close to 30 lbs and will likely be a 50 to 60 lb dog when full grown.  He is healthy, having been in the care of the volunteers in China since his birth.

Cocoa is hoping for a family with another playful dog and a human who spends time at home to continue his house training.  He will benefit from a puppy training class and continued introductions to people and places.

Sex: Male
Age: 5 months
Weight: 30 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: Adopted