In January 2018 we had just lost our other Golden Retriever, Beau (GBR # 1426). Beau was my only “foster failure” and we were heartbroken. One week after losing Beau we took in Clover (GBR #2978) as a temporary foster while her fosters were on vacation. Within a day of having Clover, we realized that she was a “keeper” and decided to adopt her. Clover actually “rescued” us from our heart break of losing Beau, and we felt that Beau had sent her to us.

Clover was a gift from Beau and she immediately became our doggy daughter. She was so perfect for us in every way. Clover loved her walks with my wife and would walk off leash by her side in the morning and afternoon. She knew every walking route in the neighborhoods and exactly where to turn on the streets. She was always happy to stop and take pets from strangers or let the kids give her a hug and kiss. She never really cared to meet other dogs and preferred people instead.

We couldn’t have asked for a better doggy daughter than Clover. She was so well behaved in every possible way. She never got under foot in the kitchen or counter surfed. She would only bark when someone came to the door, and like a true Golden would be all tail wags to greet and welcome them. We could take her out shopping (Home Depot, Petco, etc.) and she would calmly and happily walk through the store with us. We would take Clover out wine tasting and she loved to meet everyone there. Wine tasting guests would rave about Clover’s beauty and gentle loving spirit more than the finest balanced Pinot Noir. Someone mentioned one time that “she is so polite”, and the word “polite” was the perfect description for her. Clover made us so proud to be her parents.

Clover was truly Golden and pure Gold. She had a golden heart that was filled with nothing but love and kindness. She filled our hearts with joy, companionship, laughter, and love. I’ve had 7 Golden Retrievers and Clover was the sweetest and most perfect dog. We were blessed to have had Clover for just over 4 years and she was our “lucky 4 leaf Clover”. Clover was Our “Little Girl” (her nickname) and will be so missed and cherished in our hearts. We gave her the best “forever home”, and she rescued our hearts to bless us with deeply loving her forever.