Penny (GBR Clementine) arrived in the US from China in November of 2020. In China she was named Yo-Yo and was rescued after her previous owner took her to a butcher shop because she was accused of biting someone. When we adopted Penny we didn’t know her history but we expected she would have some behavioral issues, need training, and expected it would take time for her to settle in. We were completely wrong and have been blown away by what an amazing and easy dog she has been.

Penny is by far the best behaved dog either of us has ever had and we still can not believe our luck. Penny has perfect indoor manners; she is potty trained, has never tried to get on any furniture, and we can trust her to be loose in the house when we are gone. Outside of the house she is calm around strangers and other dogs, loves car rides and long walks, and is a great companion for outdoor dining at restaurants. She is a very quick learner and within the first few days of being home she learned the command “sit” and understood that her new name was Penny. Penny is such a good dog that once we accidently left a bag of takeout burgers open on the floor and she didn’t touch them.

There is nothing Penny loves more than playing fetch and her squeaky toys. Our backyard is connected to a fenced public park and we play fetch there at least once a day. We also live about a mile from a few dog parks so we’ll run with her to a park, play fetch, and run home. She is becoming a good runner, but we usually have to run to a park and carry a ball to motivate her. Outside of giving some polite sniffs, she doesn’t show a lot of interest in other dogs at the park but also doesn’t mind when they take her toys. If Penny had her way, we’d play ball all day.

Penny has been the best addition to our family and we can’t imagine our lives without her. Thank you to everyone at Golden Bond who saved our Penny!