In March 2020 I brought home my sweet boy Rufus, previously known as GBR Clarke. He was a rescue from China and I didn’t know much about him other than he was adorable, fuzzy and brown. I have always had golden retrievers, so fostering a Newfoundland was a little intimidating. Everyone joked about how big he was going to be and I would just laugh… well he has basically doubled in size every month since I’ve had him. It took about 2 days for me to realize that I absolutely had to keep him and adoption was my only option.


He still hasn’t figured out how large he is and that’s why we refer to him as a bull in a china shop. He absolutely loves his uncle Calvin, who is a golden retriever also from GBR. His best friend is his brother Mowgli (GBR Reid). He and Mowgli get to have play dates at the park and have even had a few sleepovers. He loves going out to restaurants, going on boat rides, cuddling with everyone (especially grandpa), and most of all he loves food. He really wants to be a swimmer like his uncle Calvin, but is still a little scared so we are working on it.



I am so grateful I was able to give Rufus a good home where he is spoiled rotten and loved by so many people. Rufus could not be a more perfect fit for me and my family, he brings us all so much joy. Thank you to GBR for rescuing him. I couldn’t imagine life without my little boy.