Clark was adopted on April 8, 2017

Hi there Golden Bond fans! My name is Clark (#2767) and I am one of Candy’s 7-month old puppies.  Like the others, I am named after a sweet food, though in my case it’s even better:  I am named after the Clark Bar (chocolate and peanut butter) while my litter mates are Coconut, Cotton Candy, Cocoa, Cinnamon and so on…you get the picture?    I have only been in America for ten days and I am having so much fun!  My foster family has a big box of squeaky toys that I can squeak over and over again.   They also have lots and lots of balls.  Boy, do I love running after balls and bringing them back!  I also like to chew on Nylabones, antlers and anything else.  These people are a bit fussy — they don’t let me chew Legos or other kids’ toys.  Picky, picky, I say!  What’s the difference?  They all taste the same.

I like the dogs in my foster home, especially that young one who likes to play chase and wrestle.  It’s been kind of rainy but rolling in the mud and grass is a pretty fun activity.  I am a very good boy about getting dried and cleaned before I am allowed back inside.

I like to eat my dog food and treats like bananas, apples and dog cookies. I know how to SIT and am learning DOWN, OFF, STAY, and COME.  I like to be near my people and dog friends.  I  like the people to be outside when I’m out there with the other dogs.  When the people are not home, I am happy in my crate with something good to chew like a Kong or a bully stick.

From foster family:   Clark is a healthy 40 pound 7-month old pup. Clark will likely be around 60 pounds when he’s full-grown. He was born in China on August 7, 2016 to a Golden Retriever named Candy who came to Golden Bond along with Clark and her five other pups.   Clark is very much a velcro pup, staying near his foster mom most of the time.

Clark has met children and is comfortable with calm children ages ten and up. He seems anxious around young, unpredictable kids.  He meets dogs comfortably and is active and curious about everything outdoors.  He has not been exposed to cats but would likely adjust to them in his new home.  Clark sleeps happily in his crate all night.  He also stays in his crate (with a chewey) if his people are away for a while.

Clark is a very sweet boy who is adapting quickly to life in a family home. He would like his “forever” family to be home more than they are away.  He will enjoy another playful dog and lots of time doing outside activities with his people.

If Clark sounds like a good fit for you, please contact Golden Bond and ask about him. He is a sweet boy!

Adoption fee:  $750 plus $35 microchip fee


Sex: Male
Age: 7 months old
Weight: About 40 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Yes; Cats: Probably; Kids: 10+
Availability: Now