Claire lived in Taiwan her first years of life (the picture below was taken in Taiwan in June 2015).  We got the call to Foster-to-Adopt in early November after she had a long flight and overnight stay in Seattle and then Portland.  Imagine the confusion and stress!!  With all the travel and strange smells and sounds of that transition, when we met her at the vet clinic in Portland, she wagged her tail and was so eager to come to her forever home. Claire3


We think she is around 4-yrs old.  She is the happiest little girl who loves the attention of her two human sisters and pretty much anyone who comes over!  She has the famous golden-nudge and uses her nose to let you know if she needs her ears scratched.  We named her Casey Roo and she absolutely loves her walks/runs.  She is great on a leash and runs alongside occasionally looking up to see if she’s going the right way: “How am I doing, Mom?”  We swear she smiles the entire time!!  She gets along great with her two cat brothers too.  What a wonderful gift she is to our family!

Thank you GBR!!!Claire2


Claire was adopted November 17, 2015