We fostered Charlie from August to September 2019 and he was an instant fit into our little family of two. Charlie came to us with lots of energy and even more snuggly love. We have had such a fun time getting to know Charlie and him getting to know us. We have a big back yard with lots of birdies and bunnies to chase, access to off leash nature trails for him to tromp, and he LOVEs chasing the ball in a big field near our house. Charlie loves people, food and balls. But above all else, he LOVES swimming. We think he may be part dolphin, separated from his true ocean mother at birth.

We have done a significant amount of training with him on our own while he decompresses from being a foster puppy, but we look forward him getting licensed as a therapy dog; his true life’s purpose aside from towing us on our paddleboards for hours. Charlie already comes to work with Jessie at her wellness center and has been a sweet companion to a few of her massage clients. We get stopped daily and told that Charlie is a beautiful dog and that people want to steal him all the time! We love Charlie too, and can’t wait to see how he bonds even further to us in the coming months.

Thank you Golden Bond! What an amazing program.

Charlie was adopted on September 9, 2019