Winnie (formerly Butter) came to us on May 17th as a foster to adopt situation. We knew from the moment we saw her the timid, scared, yet beautiful and gentle girl in front of us was going to be ours. She had just come from a surgery, and had known a life with little to no love. She had a long drive home from Beaverton, OR to Seattle, WA, and was a cautious champ the whole way.


It took her all of a couple hours in a grassy back yard to realize we were her people. From the start she was a lover. Constantly laying her body against us, nudging our hand for continual pets, and insisting on laying on our laps whenever possible. She is our little love bug and has grown to love pretty much any human that shows her attention. Winnie is the ultimate loyal companion.


We already had a one-year-old Golden named Russell before we adopted Winnie, and they became fast friends. He taught her to “do dog things” like sniff everywhere on their daily walks, to play with dog toys, and (their personal favorite) how to play keep away from the humans… They spend their days playing together and nights snuggled up with each other on the back yard deck. 


Not knowing exactly the kind of dog we were bringing into our home was a little scary at first, but our worries instantly melted when we met this sweet girl. We say all the time that we struck Gold (thanks to GOLDEN Bond)! We can’t imagine our family without her sweet loving companionship. 


Butter/Winnie was adopted on June 10, 2018