Hi. My name is Buddy! I’m 10 years old, weighing in at 100 lbs! I could stand to lose 5, maybe 10 lbs at the most. I’m not really that overweight. I’m just a big guy!


My heath is good but I do have a bum front leg. I hurt it when I was a puppy and it never grew right. It’s sore sometimes, especially in the morning, or if we go on a long walk. They did an x-ray but didn’t see anything wrong. Probably just nerve damage the doc said. I take Rimadyl twice a day and that helps!


I also have these weird sudden, brief jerky seizures. My foster mom says it looks like I’m getting an electrical shock. The doc said they are Myoclonic seizures. He didn’t think I needed seizure medication at this point but it’s something you should keep an eye on if you adopt me. They don’t bother me much except that sometimes when I’m napping they wake me up! Oh…and my foster mom says to say I probably shouldn’t go swimming in anything deeper than a kiddy pool. Ugh! She’s no fun!

Since my favorite activity is napping I’m really easy to have around. I like car rides. I go everywhere with my foster mom in the car. I like that! I can be in the car all day! I really like walks too but because it’s new to me I pull hard sometimes, especially when I want to smell something, but I’m getting better.

I’ve met a few dogs lately and been just fine with them. I mostly ignore them after a good long sniff session. Met one cat. I ignored him and he ignored me. My foster mom thinks I’d be fine with another dog or even a cat.

I have pretty good house manners. I don’t get on the furniture or beds and have never had an accident. I don’t beg much but I do a little counter surfing if you leave things out. I’ve chewed an occasional magazine, one empty crayon box and an instruction manual. I really thought they were left out for my enjoyment!

You can hug me and kiss me and brush me all you want! I love to be touched! I know Sit, Down, Shake, Rollover and Load-up. I’m not very good with Stay, and even worse with Come or Here. My foster mom thinks I know what those words mean…I just don’t like them!

But all in all I’m just a good guy looking for a family to love me. Is that you?

Love Buddy

A word from Buddy’s foster mom: Buddy is a sweet, mellow laid-back old guy but he is not your typical “velcro” Golden. Buddy is more of an independent dude. He’s not a pest about attention and doesn’t follow you from room to room, and can be a tiny bit stubborn sometimes. He should never be allowed off-leash since he will not come when called. I have been working on that and we are making a little progress.

Since we believe Buddy lived outside his entire life he may have been left to his own devices so long that he became a bit aloof, or maybe it’s just his personality? Still…he’s a big lovable guy who loves attention anytime you want to give it to him!

Buddy was adopted on June 16, 2019


Sex: Male
Age: 10 years
Weight: 100 pounds
Attributes: Dogs: Unknown; Cats: Unknown; Kids: Unknown
Availability: ADOPTED